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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-14 00:32:00
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    Current mood:okay

    thursday- we almost lost our softball game against whirlpool, and they haven't won all season. apparently, i was told that this coming week is our last game. oh well. it was getting kind of old. i also suffered another injury in our game. i was going for a foul ball toward the other team's dugout and caught the follow through of the on deck player's practice swing in my left wrist/forearm area. it's got a bruise and it hurts sometimes at work when i carry heavy trays. i also have a bigass bruise on my ankle. i don't know how i did that. i went home after the game.

    friday- i worked a night shift and headed over to wininger's afterward. gurgol moved to louisville on saturday so we had a see you off party. it was pretty fun. i went 0-1 in beer pong. sad day. i got a call from sledge while i was there and headed out to lamasco and met up with him and josh. i sang "your love," "stan" and "wannabe" by the spice girls with peanut carnage. i went to IHOP afterward with them and had an omelette. i was struggling. i had too much to drink and i was tired. i went home and passed out.

    saturday- i had to close. no fun. i got out of work around midnight and went to hog wild for a few beers. they were playing a newer chilli peppers cd and i thought it sounded pretty cool. i went to wal-mart afterward and did osome grocery shopping. i ran into t-drew in the frozen foods and chatted with him for awhile. i came home and ate a frozen pizza and watched chamber of secrets. it was after 4am when i finally went to bed.

    sunday- another night shift. i got out around 9:30 since my partner had to leave and i had to stay on. oh well. more money for me. i thought some people were going to BWs so i headed out there and had a beer. they had just left. shmickey was there with some people. i came home and ate dinner and now i'm here. ready for bed, i guess.

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