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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-09 15:48:00
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    Current mood:sleepy

    another piece of the puzzle
    i can't remember what i did over the weekend. i'm pretty sure i worked on saturday and went home afterward.

    on sunday, i went and saw the third harry potter movie with lisa. it was okay. i wasn't a fan of the third book, but it did an alright job covering it. they did leave out some important stuff, but left out some boring stuff. you could also tell it was a new director this time around.

    i got lost trying to get to lisa's house. i was taking the back way and took a few wrong turns. to make a long story short (too late), i almost ended up in new harmony. whoops.

    we went to stake n shake after the movie. i had cheese fries and one of their new double shakes. it was good.

    monday was one of my best days of work ever. i made $140 on a split. i had a table leave me $20 at lunch and i had two call parties at dinner that left me $15 and $10. it just tore things up. my last table was one that i had earlier this year and they told a manager i was the best server ever, so now they request for me. yay! i stopped at the hogwild saloon after work and caught the last 4 minutes of the stanley cup game. i'm glad tampa bay won. i hung out with natasha for awhile and played some pay for video/puzzle games. it was fun.

    tuesday i worked a through and didn't make much money, but didn't feel like being there. i napped around in the afternoon and eventually went to the B&M exchange and got a few cds. i was bored at night and went to lie in bed around 10pm. gurgol called around 11 and i went over to his place and hung out and drank beer for awhile.

    i went to my shrink today and went over some things that have been bothering me lately and what not. afterward, i went out and saw harry potter again with my notebook. i think i'm ready to start writing The Prisoner of Assgetram.

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