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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-04 23:34:00
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    Current mood:exhausted

    work's been meh lately. slow here, slow there. boring boring crud. i won't even talk about it.

    thursday night i made enough money to buy groceries. yay! we were actually busy that night. we were dead and they cut everyone and then we got slammed. i ended up reopening myself and taking like 4 more tables.

    we played tumbleweed again at midnight softball. i hurt my knee on a bullshit play. i don't even want to talk about that play. it pisses me off. the ump doesn't know crap. anyhoo, we lost the game, again. i went to lamascos afterward. aja, bronwyn, chris jay, and sledge were out there. bronwyn's moving this weekend out of the city (but still somewhat close) so we all hung out and had some beer. i sang "your love," "the remedy" and "barbie girl" peanut carnage returns for one night only. afterward we went out to dennys on 41. i felt bad about not making an IHOP run, but it was bronwyn's night. i ran into schmickey there who was with a few guys i didn't know. i had the lumberjack platter and almost ate everything. it was alright. i was hungee.

    today i saw michelle during my split. she passed another kidney stone last night and missed the softball game and work today. i'll just say she looked so cute just lying there on her couch, half asleep. i wish she'd realize that i'm willing to take care of her cause i like her and have fun with her. i don't know.

    my last table tonight just wouldn't leave, so i was stuck at work late and my stomach hurt and i'm just exhausted from staying out late last night. i'm ready to crash.

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