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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-05-31 21:31:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:none

    wacky race day and other kooky adventures
    monday 24- i bussed a double. it was stupid. i went out at midnight to wal-mart and bought return of the king on dvd. i really thought about watching it, but figured that sleep was a better idea.

    tuesday 25- i bussed another double. it was still stupid. not really. we got slammed at night with high school graduation parties. at one point, they even pulled me off the floor as a busser and pick up an 8 top. i made $26 off them. i got out of there around 10pm, grabbed mcdonalds for dinner and went home. jeff and dez were in town to visit before they headed back to seattle. we just hung out and watched tv. i can't really say much now about the whole "family" situation, but when all the pressure's placed on you to keep your family together, all you can really do is be nice to everyone, make 'em laugh, make 'em happy and make 'em forget that apparently someone they love doesn't like them at all. it pisses me off. i have my own problems let alone this shit.

    wednesday 26- i bussed a night shift and watched return of the king after work. i also watched the season finale of 24. i wasn't too impressed. it was okay.

    thursday 27- i served my lunch shift for my split and made $3. i gave my dinner shift away and went home and watched return of the king again. great movie. i went out to the jungle for bisher's bachelor party. it wasn't really a bachelor party, but just a party. it was a 2nd south reunion. josh, karl, myself, dom, jeff, bernie, lance, big chris were there. we caught up and played some euchre. it was an alright time. we split up around 11:30. i headed over to the ballpark to confirm that our game was cancelled. it was. i stopped at lamascos and did some karaoke with aja, browyn and chris jay. i sang "your love" by the outfield, "i'm too sexy" by right said fred (request) and "all the things she said" by t.a.tu. (request)

    friday 28- wedding 1 of 4 this year. josh bisher and heather smith got married at the baurhaus on eville's north side. i got lost getting there. it was a nice short ceremony. everyone from the previous night party was there, so were the other three gammas from my fraternity. the best part was the car bar. we all pitched in some money and bought some 2 liters and about 6 bottles of liquor. it saved us money from the open bar at the place. it was a pretty fun time. i wish them the best of happiness. i left the reception at about 11pm and drove up to indy. i stayed at ray and ryan's place and hung out with ray and evan for awhile, making fun of infomercials.

    saturday 29- i slowly stirred and hung out with ryan for awhile in the morning. i headed toward noblesville and stopped at marsh in castleton to see who i knew there. i only recognized 6 or 7 people there. i talked to cheryl for awhile. she was the elderly cashier that left at midnight when i bagged 'til midnight. she's retiring in a few weeks. i went to dad's and we hung out and ate a pizza. i got my fishing pole and tackle box. we also took a walk and he showed me some work they recently did by the park where he used to live. i eventually left and went to mom's. i had to stop at the store and buy forks and eggs. weeee! the gang from st. louis eventually got there and after a longass wait for them to get back from kroger, we ate the bbq ribs/steaks, potato salad, etc. the gang changes every year. if i'm correct it was: dan and his daughters kelley and maggie, kelley's friend sandy, who came a few years ago, came with her parents and her sister, and lynn who's been coming the past couple years. the girls occupied themselves with super nintendo and bored games, while the rest of us sat outside and drank and drank and drank, and talked a little bit too. we were drinking this tequila, triple sec, limeade mix. it was decent. it got better after i added sprite. we actually called it a night earlier than normal, a little before midnight.

    sunday 30- RACE DAY 2K4. it rained in the morning so we somewhat took our time getting to the track. the race was delayed about two hours while they dried the track. we saw the parade of celebrities. weeee! judge reinhold was there. weeeee! as was rupert from survivor, godsmack, nick and jessica, morgan freeman (who drove the pace car) and a bunch of other reality show rejects (i guess they're considered celebrities). it was a pretty exciting race until the rain started falling around lap 20 or so. the red flag came out and the race was put on hold. WIBC wasn't updating anything about the track's condition but as long as it seemed wet, restarting seemed hopeless. with the four girls wanting to leave, we left the track and headed home. we were on our street when WIBC had the race back on. they started racing again. AAAAAHHHHHHH! so i have to say, F U WIBC for the piss poor job of updating. so, we raced back to the track and got there around lap 107 or so. i just remember the crash on the front straight way (ray, hornish jr. and someone else) happened right when we got up there. we also saw marty roth crash. the race ended 20 laps early, buddy rice won. after the victory lap the issued a tornado warning for marion county, a tornado on its way to speedway in about 45 minutes. we bailed and got home safely. i think i fell asleep shortly after getting home, i didn't even eat dinner. our power went out for awhile during a late storm, i don't really know how long it was out cause i slept.

    monday 31- i mucked around in the morning and watched return of the king with mom before heading back to eville. i got a call from lisa, making sure i got home safe. apparently, there were tornados down here too last night. an F2 went through newburgh. crazy crazy weather. crazy crazy adventures.

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2004-06-02 12:47 (link)
its always exciting to much around

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Loyalty issues
2004-06-06 23:43 (link)
Well hopefully people will stop putting words into others mouths and actually get to the root of the story.

As of right now there is not anyone on my side, of which is honestly a battle in where there are too many nosey gossip queens who have a say. It was a battle that ended a long time ago and for some strange reason people had to kick up the dust and start it all over again.

Hopefully everyone will remember they are adults and right now I need to focus on the fact that I am with your brother's baby. It is supposed to be a joyous occassion, instead it is one riddled in drama. You said it yourself you have your own problems, well so do I. The only problem is, my problems have arisen because some people couldn't let the sleeping dog lie.

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Re: Loyalty issues
2004-06-06 23:44 (link)
This message was written by Destiny, so therefore I can get proper ridicule for it.

I haven't had a good fight in awhile, hell I can use one.

The infamous Destiny M.

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