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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 13:47:00
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    Current mood:tired

    jimmy. jimmy. jimmy. JIMMY!
    the work weekend from hell is almost over. i'm glad i went back to work friday night. i was in the deck with mike kelley. i was saying that you had to be bald to work in the deck that night. anyhoo, we got a 20 top and made about $40 a piece on it. it was the easiest large party i've ever had. i went home and ate after work. blaire was supposed to have a cookout, but he forgot that he had a date. whoops. josh kerchief called and wanted me to go out to hammerheads. i declined.

    saturday- i worked a night shift in the galley and only made like $80. we had proms, graduations, mother's day, etc. aahhhh! krissi from IHOP came in and i waited on her. i was pretty busy at the time so it kinda sucked. after work i went out to wininger's for his graduation party. it was pretty fun. blaire, carter and gurgol were also there. i also met t-rahm, a friend of tiffany and jen's. she's actually jen's little sis so she's in my greek family. at one point, carter dragged me to the bus. carolyn and some of her friends rented out a bus and we went out to harpoles. i didn't want to go to harpoles so i just stayed on the bus and it took some of us back to campus. whatever. it was fun. as for now, i'm gonna grab some food and get ready for a hell shift at work. sigh.

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2004-05-10 14:29 (link)
so, you know what's kind of funny? trahm is my twin because she got adopted by my big sister this past semester, so now through adoption, i'm kind of related to you and jen.


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