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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-05-05 22:29:00
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    Current mood:bored

    cinco de SHUT UP!
    i ain't celebrating a mexican holiday. sorry. i live in america. i'm gonna sit at home and drink my bud light.

    so, i was off last friday night, and i decided to go out and write. i went to hog wild, but barrett and melissa from work were there so i talked to them instead. a few other people from work showed up. i eventually went home.

    saturday- i worked a night shift, back to my normal schedule. i honestly don't remember what i did after work, but i'm pretty sure i went straight home.

    sunday- i worked a lunch shift, and once again probably went straight home. what a thrilling weekend, eh?

    monday- i worked a split. i bussed in the morning and trained aaron how to open. i think that's his name. he's really weird. scary weird even. he worked dish while i bussed and then i served at night. i went home after work not getting a tumbleweed phone call.

    tuesday- another split. work was slow again. work's been slow lately. it's no fun. i bussed with aaron this time in the morning. i also came in an hour early on sunday and did opening busser work. the stuff i do for them. speak of the devil (you'll find out later). so after my dinner shift, i gave mike a ride home. he lives over by lamascos. we stopped at lonestar and had a beer and some cheese fries. he also invited me out to harpoles with a group of his friends and i thought about going. i came home and well, made the mistake of lying down in bed. i was out by 10:30. i woke up around 3am.

    wednesday- i woke up at one point, and then i woke up again, and the third time i woke up, i heard voices outside complaining about the power. that's when i realized that the power was out. they were talking about a conspiracy with vectren screwing everyone that doesn't pay their electric bill. hello? i always pay my bill? why's my power out? some people are stupid. anyhoo, it came back on while i was showering. i also checked my voice mail from last night and had a message. i expected it to be from mike wondering where the hell i was, but it was from michelle wondering what i was up to. i felt bad about that. michelle calls me wanting to do something maybe once a month or two. i guess i missed out this time around. i drove out to the west side and met lisa for lunch at janbo chinese buffet. it was okay. not any different than any other chinese place. she let me borrow the fifth harry potter book. i'm excited to start it. i stopped by good will and dropped off two bags of clothes, and then went to the mailroom to mail some stuff. they completly moved everything around in there. it looked real different, more open. after that i stopped at work and did free work. what? i told sonya the other day i'd come in some time and fix some more glass racks. when they remodled last year, they measured the glass rack holders wrongs so a lot of racks don't fit. i sat there for two hours with a screwdriver taking layers off and screwing them back together. it wasn't much fun, but it'll help me out in the future while bussing. i came home and slept for about four hours. mom woke me up to thank me for her mother's day flowers. you're welcome, mom :) after my nap, i set my vcr for south park, watched some tv, played some nintendo and now i'm here, and i honestly think i'm ready to go back to bed. oh well.

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