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Shivering with the Magnolias (conquistadora) wrote,
@ 2002-12-11 23:51:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Leonard Cohen, "Alexandra Leaving"

    On the Subject of Flowers
    I was trying to determine what to call this journal when i accidentally opened up an old poem about grief. I'm not grieving right now, and the poem needs a lot of work, but the phrase "shivering with the magnolias" jumped out at me, so i decided to use it. it's original, and it forces me to remind myself that life is good. Magnolias symbolize nobility, as i just learned at: As any of my best friends would tell you, i have a "thing" for monarchy and flowers. I'll deal with monarchy at a later point, but right now I'm intrigued by floral meaning. For instance, a tea rose (which happens to be my winter perfume, thanks to my father) when given means "i'll remember". I also have a thing for memory, which grows out of a fond attachment to "Hamlet". To wit: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance." As a student huddled inside a concrete temple to the gods of unoriginal, uninspired architecture, at the start of a long, cold winter, i don't get to see flowers very often; the last time was when my suitemate brought me one dozen pink roses (meaning joy) for my birthday.

    Speaking of suitemates, I haven't been given to naming people, including myself. Two friends of mine use nicknames in their journals, i suppose for the preservation of privacy as well as for amusement. I think it's a good convention, so I'll continue it. There is a definite cast of characters in my life. The first to introduce is Ramya (elegance and beauty in Hindi), one of my fabulous best friends. She's amazingly smart, motivated, beautiful, witty, empathetic, etc. Right now she's in a bit of a love crisis with Art Hum boy, and I'm wishing she would take my advice. I owe her a great deal (including getting me into this whole web-diary thing), so I want to give her something in return. Ramya: call the boy!!! There. I've done my best.

    I have an exam tomorrow morning, not to mention packing, so I'll be going. More characters and more not so exciting updates from my blessed but somewhat dull life tomorrow.

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