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Tiny (confusedge) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 20:27:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:white days -- the juliana theory

    very very hairy
    okay, you know how you can get those supposedly cheap haircuts, but they cost about $11? Well, me being awesomely cheap, I like having people I know cut my hair because then you don't have to pay them. *evil chuckle* Anyways... Henry (Eva's friend Linda's boyfriend) cut my hair today. He took the time to cut it, man! Not like those evil barber/hairstylists who just cut it and don't care. *mumbles something inaudible* We were all thinking that it would take about 20 minutes. 25 minutes at most. But, due to my deformed head and Henry's perfection, it ended up taking 1 hour and 10 minutes. He ended up being late for his basketball game and whatnot, but *shrugs* I told him not to be too perfection-crazy.

    I (almost) have no hair! Yeah, now it's exactly like his hairstyle. But it's still crazy awesome. I don't remember actually having a skull... but now with the short hair, my head is visible (dun dun DUN!). *shrugs* whatever... Zarmina was there to see my haircut (which at first resembled a tree and/or mushroom according to the audience). My sister, Linda, Shane, Sharoo, and Zarmina just stood around watching my hair being cut. weirdos... that's all that I remember... *shrugs* buhbye

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2003-09-06 00:33 (link)
Heh, you know I am so coming by your store to see that sometime this weekend. ^_^

Oh yea, Cowboy Bebop is on Cartoon Network like, 1:30 am Monday mornings. x_x

Time to get some blank tapes...

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2003-09-06 22:40 (link)
Yeah, now you have no hair. You are not o. dude anymore, no more flipy.

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