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Jocelyn C. Thatcher (concrete_angelx) wrote,
@ 2003-03-10 23:33:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Jekyll and Hyde - A New Life

    get to know me!

    Name 3 habits you have:

    *Biting my nails
    *not taking out my contacts every night
    * Singing Play (singin in the rain) songs ALL THE TIME

    Name 4 scents you love:

    * Cucumber Melon
    * Gravity
    * Vanilla
    * Glaicer Mist (Sceret)

    Name something you'd never wear:

    * anything tight or revealing, or backless or strapless

    Name 3 animals you like:

    * Pandas
    * Turtles
    * Kolas

    Name 4 television shows you love:

    * NHL Hockey
    * Emril Live
    * Rocket Power
    * The Sunday Night Sex Show! (I LOVE CANADA!!!)

    Name 3 bands/genres/artists most people don't know you like:

    * Random Rap music
    * Country
    * Classical Piano/instruments

    Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:

    * Soda
    * Kool-aid
    * Water

    Name a random fact about yourself:

    * I've been a choir junky for 9 years

    Name a random fact about your family:

    * There are 108 Getz's in the Lehigh Valley phone book, and I'm related to 93 of them

    Have you ever...

    Fallen for your best friend? not really

    Made out with JUST a friend? can't say I have

    Been rejected or heartbroken? yes

    Been in love? I think so.

    Been in lust? OH... HELL YESSSSSS *coughBrian Boucher/Alex Tanguaycough*

    Used someone? Not that I know of... If I have... lemme know, and I'm sorry?

    Been used? *shrugs* don't really care.

    Cheated on someone? can't say I've done that either.

    Been cheated on? You need a boyfriend for that...

    Done something you regret? many, many things

    Who was the last person...

    You touched? Spookers (does the cat count?)

    You talked to? Julia

    You hugged? *thinks* I can't remember

    You instant messaged? Julia

    You yelled at? Scott at work... but we were messin around.

    You laughed with? Pam

    You had a crush on? Justin?

    Who broke your heart? =oX

    You made love to? uh... no..... You need a significant other to do that.

    You kissed (excluding relatives)? see above

    Do you:

    Colour your hair? yupper

    Have tattoos? soon. I know you all wanna know what it's going to be. It's gonna be a little cartoon panda holding a music note with wings like a little bird

    Piercings? in my ears.

    Own a web cam? Does a digital camera count?

    Have AOL? nope. RCN Digital Cable.

    What should you be doing right now? sleeping

    What are you listening to? A New Life from Jekyll and Hyde

    Chicken or fish? chicken

    Do you have a favorite animal? Panda... hence the tattoo

    Is ice-cream the best thing in the world? nah, Tasteykakes are WAY better!

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