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Candace (guitarcandace) wrote in community_ads,
@ 2008-01-05 03:59:00
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    Organ Music in Church Sucks!!!
    I started this community after a couple of members of my church tried to disband the worship band and return to using the organ most of the time. I just know that there have to be other people who feel the way I do! Which is that I just completely can't stand organ music! It is not relevant at all to my life or that of many other young people.

    It seems to me that when a young person walks into a church they may very well say "the whole organ thing is just too weird for me" and not come back. And we have turned that person off not because of our church itself, but just because we use an instrument that they think is weird or just can't stand.

    So if you feel the same way please join and post your thoughts!

    And help show the world how many of us can't stand organ music!


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