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Jamie (colurmepretty) wrote,
@ 2004-09-07 23:12:00
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    Current mood: drained

    < i wish i were someone else at times >
    I have so much homework. I can't believe it is already 11:07pm. As I spent nearly ALL of today, 8am - 5pm to be exact, on main campus going to class and studying- I often wonder to myself- am I doing more homework than the average college student? I will then come home to my dorm and see people watching movies and on AIM as I sit down to do more homework. Grah.
    < / i wish i were someone else at times >

    Anyways, Just as a intro for whomever I ask to join me in my daily adventures- I am jamie. I am a sophomore in college at Winona State University in Minnesota. I have been dating Leo for nearly 4 years and we just got engaged over the summer. We will marry in June of 2006. I am really open-minded and I love to chat and post about everything and anything. Currently, I am quite heated about politics- the presidental campaign to be honest-- so occasionaly I will post something stupid that really sticks out that Bush has done. Sorry to all you Pro Bushers. ;)

    Well, I have a journal entry to write for a class and then some more reading to do. More later- :)

    Current Outfit- tshirt and boxers
    Current Complaint- I want to sleep but I caaaaan't
    Current Location- In my dorm
    Current Wish- I wish I had some popcorn

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2004-09-08 18:19 (link)
down with bush, up with popcorn.

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2004-09-08 22:41 (link)
So when you say "down with bush" you are saying that in a positive way?

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2004-09-09 00:33 (link)
I CANT WAIT to vote... he needs to fix our country not play around in goher holes on his "ranch", lol. down with pres. bush, and thats a good thing =)

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2004-09-10 00:36 (link)
Wait, Wait, Wait...
Not to start a huge debate (lol)
Hasen't President Bush shown that he is incapable to run our country with the first 4 years we have allowed him?

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