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coldascoal (coldascoal) wrote,
@ 2005-02-26 22:20:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:lil' john's voice.

    You're like a tub of lard on a bad day
    i just got home from baltimore like 2 hours ago and i'm all tired. but i had such a good time. i was so nice to do something you normally would never do. and i felt really comfortable with erin and her family. it was like i was at home. it was great. and we got to explore downtown baltimore/the inner harbor and see all the crafts. there were some really beautiful things, but nothing i was completely blown away by. and everything was expensive... but still nice to see how everything was put together and the booths there.
    who knows if that will be i my future.
    but erin and i plan to live together next fall. and i'm so excited. she'll be a blast to live with.
    i'm also thrilled to be seeing emily this weekend, and fred and my family and hopefully a bit of laura. it's just been so long since we've all reunited.

    being on a car trip, you talk about so many random topics. but it was so weird to talk about anything involving fred and be like.. "my ex boyfriend".. i felt like when i kept mentioning him that it seemed like i was hung up over him. it's just that he was such a consistant person in my life for 2+ years that it's really weird to just say he's an ex. it's just more than that. and it makes me feel weird.
    i need to go on some dates. for real.. i'm so missing that affection. hell i haven't been hugged for weeks or touched or anything. this better not continue. rack me up some points.

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2005-02-27 00:24 (link)
i'm glad that you had a wonderful weekend and have found a roommate. i miss you so, and i can't wait to see you next weekend!

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