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coldascoal (coldascoal) wrote,
@ 2005-02-14 22:52:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:50 fucking cent.

    i gotta make it to heaven- for goin through hell.
    i'm delusional. i just spent 5 hours hammering. i kinda blanked out and felt like i was hallucinating. it was strange. but i still am not done. more hours of that tomorrow night.
    today was a good day. happy valentines day.
    i got one valentine from kate. yay. i could not wake up this morning.

    i think i might go to baltimore to the crafts/arts festival with a girl from my glass class. we'd stay at her aunts and make like a 7 hour trip down there. i'm not sure the distance it is from kent, but more than from indiana. so that might be happening next weekend. i'm excited about that. i need to get out of my comfort zone. but that means i'd be gone all that weekend before my cup/base project was due that wed. that weekend is crucial to finish everything. but i'll get it done, i'm sure. i'll just be in there constantly.
    i feel so drained
    i need sleep.
    but i need to study too. why am i writing this when i need to study for my test at 915?!?!

    i AM a secret admirer of many. i could've made somebody's day by telling them how i admired them from afar. but of course i didn't. typical for me. typical...
    i wish i had flowers. i'd take dead flowers... or dandelions, weeds of any type. fuck. ha 420

    you say you a gangsta, but you never popped nothin'

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2005-02-15 17:09 (link)
homie, i ain't playin.

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