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~* PoOoRiN RiIi *~ (coffeemilk) wrote,
@ 2004-09-11 02:09:00
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    Current mood: awake
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    Day After Tomorrow

    Just seen it tonight.... its a .. wow.. its a pg movie, but i was feeling hella scared... im 19, but i guess my movie capability is still *down there* at the pg-13 range.... seems that i still cant handle 18+ movies ^^;;;

    Is the movie real? yeah yeah there are lots of cliche, fast-forwarded events, and plus those tomato sauce of a movie.. but .. is the movie real ? i mean could it really happen ? and is the consequence is like that? lots of scientists are debating on this... which one can we trust? haiz..

    Aside those human-made terrors (like criminal murder, accidents, quarells), there are indeed nature-made terrors.. if the time comes (thousands of years later probably) what would it be like? Where will I be at that time? Man.. i know no one can answer that.. but its boggling me.. *O*

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2004-09-14 09:51 (link)
i saw this was a BIG blockbuster!! i mean the effects were great but i didnt think the movie itself was excellent...
im always thinking about that too...where would i be after that many yrs??
i think ppl might kill each other first before the natural disasters happen....i mean ppl are getting angrier and angrier i guess after so many yrs of sufferring eg. palestinians...czechnians?? so then there's war.....terrorist attacks...and innocent ppl are hurt and maybe some of the ppl in their will get v angry and take revenge so it never ends!! omg sorry that sounds so despressing~~ i dont like war :(

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2004-09-14 23:29 (link)
me tooO! ! i hate war ~ >.< its so depressing to see the world we have now.. the russion shooting.. and u know about shanghai sinking.. ?? if nothing is done,,, in 40 years, shanghai would be UNDER WATER ! @.@ pollution.... what a depressing subject =.=.. i wonder if one day i could make a difference.. ^^??

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