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brad (coditoergosum) wrote,
@ 2003-12-31 21:36:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    haven't updated in a while...
    yeah. no substantial updates in a while, and i'm afraid tihs isn't much diferent. I got a neato Base guitar for christmas, still learning that but i'll tell you when i think i'm good enough to actually play. i think amanda wants to break up, and frankly i agree... she has seemed sorta distant and franklyt a bit chilled as well... oh well. it seems i'm destined not to have relationships that last more than 40 days. It's really sad too, because I had some of the bets times that I can recall with her. God, some of those nights were sweet. Scranton, homecoming, all those football games. man. why am i destined to fail in every relationship? anyway... I'm also grounded, so happy new year?

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2004-01-01 01:24 (link)
hey man. sorry about you and amanda- that really bites. women suck. but im not saying that in a homosexual way now, i just think that theyre a waste of time in high school. the few girls that i have dated in high school were fun at the time, but then i realized that i neglected my friends for so long. and now, as a single man, im having an awesome time in high school. i think that college is a good time to start dating- its not like couples in high school get married or anything. eh maybe some do. what was the point of saying this? i dont know, but you prolly think im being an asshole or something. i feel like an asshole. ha. but what else is new. it was too bad you couldnt come to jens house for new years. parents really suck- i was almost grounded too. oh well im done. good luck dude

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