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brad (coditoergosum) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 09:31:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:MIDIs baby!

    long time, no update...
    wow. long tome, but here i am. almost finals time, and I am so ready for summer. did i mention that i'm goin on a cruise this summer! oh yea! its goanna be sw337. also, i'm think of stealing/borrowing/obtaining poser 5, along with bryce 5. they're 3d imaging programs, 4 making people (p0rn?). yeah. so anyways, i've kinda got a job now. I'm a life guard at RVSC. wow. do u trust me with ur life? lol. yeah it kinda sucks, b/c where i work i get 5.25 an hour, with a 50 cent raise - next year. ouch. teh snack bar people make more than i do. so anyway, even that will be more $ on my first paycheck ten i have saved up for the last 2 years. ($^$) mad cash flow. so i think maybe i'll get an XBOX, or build a new PC with cable internet. which is not my parents. Oh yeah, i saw bruce almighty yesterday, and it was great. it was hi-larious, exept for teh end, where it tried to get sentimental. It's teh one with Jim carrey. and guess what. Niceweinder is giveing us a test AFTER FINALS! it sux major ass! but oh well, and crap i just remembered my favorite teacher, mrs. direnzo, wont be in school all week. damn. I just downloaded winMX too, and its pretty cool. but it takes me 25 min to download 4 min of music, and i'm not even going to trie a 30 min p0rn0. that would sux. and today, 1st period, th power went out after all my work on teh computer, so i lost 40 some-odd min of work on teh damn machines. e definitly need backup generators that work. oh well, geting kind of long, and i g2g. cya

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