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Shea (codepinkxx) wrote,
@ 2004-04-05 19:03:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:G-Unit - I Wanna Be Ya' Lover

    I hate School.
    School usual. Blurty is so damn slow! Anyway..nothing new happening here. My dad didn't work which means no going out for me when Easter comes. How SAD is THAT? This sucks! I am SOOO POOR! Anyway, school was boring. Science fair project is due THURSDAY! Oh, I am definitely getting dismissed. So Samantha got dismissed today, seems she got my strep throat. She's bad, so it was kind of refreshing to be away from here. I'm not like her. And I don't want what is happening to Maly happening to me! Any how, I've been working out lately. Jump roping and jumping jacks, lol. I need to get in shape for the summer though.

    On other news, I hate school? I said that, right? OK, I'll leave you with an AOL chatroom convo.

    rcca95823: Who heard amercan idols reject willaim hungs new album....
    OnlineHost: Princessevanoff has entered the room.
    OnlineHost: Princessevanoff has left the room.
    OnlineHost: Princessevanoff has entered the room.
    GhettoFmale22: me
    Soccer13427: i have
    GhettoFmale22: jus heard it
    AnglBstn: yo do there b host up n hurr 2????????
    EeyoreDremr14: i did
    TnBallerina9: 2
    CODE pink xx: i love william hung! hes the true idol >=(
    Googirl874: i hav
    Hershykissin: hey any hott guys 13-14 wanna talk press 456
    rcca95823: lol right...
    AnglBstn: eww no he aint
    OnlineHost: QwikShane has entered the room.
    OnlineHost: Ashbrnx13 has left the room.
    Soccer13427: he sux
    GhettoFmale22: holla
    AnglBstn: he's ugly
    Sweetie x girl07: angl, don't matter
    GhettoFmale22: holla
    rcca95823: Have u all seen his teeth.... ewww

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