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re bek a (coastalxlove) wrote,
@ 2004-03-02 18:11:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:RUFIO

    no they never got us anywhere
    today was particularly pointless. in context there, pointless means idiotic. like the brainchilds describing their lives sick like their sense of values. erotic they are not, more so just asinine..derr

    the best part about school though was our free period. last period too. we sat outside, first under the old tree where we eat lunch in the fall. it was nice but then there was a bunch of fir that looked like a tail next to skims shoe. so we went over and sat on the pavement under trees. i had made kim a cake and we had made it a special last period surprise for her. so i gave it to her and we all had some, but thats only between me god and know, the foregoing lent? yea i thought so

    so it was wicked nice out. and we had cake. and each other. all like old times, minus the fact that the old times were just last season. and we never had cake until mandas birthday. nah. i mean back when we were all that we had. back when we were the only friends we had.

    and something about the weather erased last night and the nights before. it was all like perfect for 40 minutes.

    it was wicked funny. i should put in some pictures [i.e, me in the wind, us with the cake]..dont even know if i can though.

    i havnt really been feeling good and i bet ill never be able to tell you why. so im sorry. itll be better in the end.
    ...youll thank me later

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2004-03-03 17:23 (link)
hey lovely. its rosie. ooh lala the other day was such fun... just a reminder that even though we all have branched off a tad and dont seem to see eachother as much these days, the fab five that was us will always always have eachother, you know. i guess what i'm trying to say is that those were good times, and regardless of the fact that we have more friends now, we still always have eachother.

and the weather was so, so nice. its my favorite time of year.

once my computer stops being an ass i'll upload the 'becky in the wind' and skims 'your house burned down so lets break lent' cake, etc.

much much love.
xo, rosie

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youre so gonna get a cake rows ee!!
2004-03-03 20:59 (link)
ohh how i love my rosalita..and next year, well just have to sit outside, eat cake, and be gorgeous out of school..and we can watch the ring!!!!!!!!! and for halloween i can be samara!!!!!!!!!!!!


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