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Anastasia Beaverhausen (cnilfaerie) wrote,
@ 2004-07-16 18:38:00
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    Fuggly!! Yay!
    1. What day is it (right now)? Friday, July 16, 2004

    2. Are you at work/home/school/library/other/friends house? Home

    3. Do you think of yourself as creative? Yes.

    4. o(-<]: <--- what does that look like? A little dude on a skateboard. Or a little dude tattooed over someone's unibrow.

    5. What's your favorite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    6. Do you want to be rich someday? Yep

    7. What's your favorite day of the week? Where am I and what season is it?

    8. Do you check out other people's butts? Some, in envy.

    9. What's your favorite aspect of the sex of your choice (what makes you hot about someone)? Smell, confidence, eyes, mouth, SMILE

    10. Do you have a cell phone? What kind is it? What service provider do you have? Yes, Nokia with a the funny buttons, T-Mobile

    11. What kind of animal would you like to be, if given the choice? Either a giraffe or a platypus. Or a tiger.

    12. If you knew no fear, what would you do? Skydive, approach the people I'm interested in.

    13. Where's the last place you ate out at? The La Jolla ice-skating rink place. I had Indian. Mmmmm.

    14. What was the last thing that came out of your mouth? My hair.

    15. What time did you wake up this morning? 9am

    16. Do your feet ever stink? Not usually. But if the shoes are smelly, it comes off on your feet. But I don't have smelly shoes.

    17. Do you think sweat on someone else can be sexy (if in the right circumstance)? Sure, but not a lot. A light sheen.

    18. Do you work? Where? How long have you had the job? Finished teaching at the Middle School in Coronado today. Monday, I start at the YMCA in Encinitas. What ho, North County! That's a bit of a drive!

    19. What company is your dream job located at? Is it for the money, or the recognition? Uh, broadway or film. Both.

    20. Do you believe your High School Valdictorian will succeed in life? No. She's bitchy and looks like a harpie. Uhm, if you're reading this, I'm. . . just kidding? (No, I'm not.)

    21. Because, odds are, he/she will NOT as much as someone who only did so-so in school (according to a study I read about in Psychology). How do ya like that? I like it great. But how bout the people who weren't Vals but did better than so-so? What about us?

    22. poop! No thanks, don't need to. Cheeky.

    23. does it bring you pleasure to pop your own zits? No. Ew. That leaves scars, y'know.

    24. Jelly Belly put out the BERTIE BOTTS EVERYBEANS from harry potter. do the booger ones taste like boogers to you? Aren't the dirt, grass, and vomit flavors freaky? Uh, I make it a point never to eat anything labeled 'booger'. Thanks though. Nor do I eat dirt or vomit. I did the grass one though. It was actually quite nice. Fresh tasting.

    25. it really comes down to penis size. bush or clinton? CLINTON

    26. tell me why we're different from animals. We have ulterior motives.

    27. do you have a passport? if yes, have you used it/where? Yup, though I don't know where it is right now. It's gotten me into Mexico, Canada, All over the Caribbean (wait do you need one for that?) - Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands; Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Wales, England, Scotland, and Ireland.

    28. what makes YOU so different? and damnit, none of that "oh, well, shux. i'm not really THAT different." Ummm, nobody expects me to be gay? I attract really sincere boys. Which really sucks cuz then I'm the bad guy.

    29. do you blame stuff on your parents, still? like what? I blame a bit on my dad. Like some of my distrust of males. But I was gay before that whole chestnut went down. I just didn't tell anyone.

    30. how much or your CD collection is also stuff you can WATCH on mtv or mtv2? either way, does this make you proud? I don't know about MTV2, but regular MTV, I don't think anything is on there. I don't care.

    31. let's say you're a cartoon. what's your mode of transportation? I can fly. I sort of swim frog-style in the air. It's awkward-looking, but fuck you! Let's see YOU do it!

    32. you're a superhero. what's your deal? 2 for a quarter.

    33. do you read enough calvin and hobbes? I don't anymore. I used to have that Lazy Sunday book though.

    34. how happy were you about diet pepsi slurpees. if you weren't that happy, then CONSIDER THE FRIGGEN' DIABETICS, WOULD YA? I don't follow slurpees.

    35. go to "" and see if you're a boy or a girl. report back. no no no, it's not good enough to just look down. i want some proof. I've done that before. And yes, I'm quite a girl.

    36. what makes your sparks fly? Static electricity.

    37. do people call you a slut, a bitch, an asshole, or a dick? how does that make you feel? None. I don't think anyone's ever sincerely called me that. I guess, of those choices, I prefer ASSHOLE!!

    38. visualize somebody walking to the market to grab a beverage. really think about this one. right off the bat, is that person in your mind a male/female, which ethnicity, and (if you really pictured this) about how old? I visualized a girl, white about my age.
    39. why do you think you visualized that person that way? Because that's what I am, what I know best. We're all ethnocentric.

    40. Favorite "Friends character": Joey!

    41. Favorite "Friends episode" - The one where no one's ready, and The one with the Prom Video, and The One where Ross Can't Flirt - because the pizza girl's name is Caitlin and they all yell my name. *blush*

    42. Reading or Drinkin - either. Not both.

    43. buzzed, drunk or blacking out - somewhere between buzzed and drunk.

    44. Dawsons Creek or 90210 - Ew!

    45. blonds or brunettes? Brunettes

    46. Beer pong or asshole? Asshole

    47. Love forever? I don't know.

    48. favorite outfit? I don't know.

    49. Favorite store? Urban, Sephora, Jasmine Sola

    50. Mixed drink I may not know of and their ingredients - Who are you? Vodka. Give or take the cranberry juice. Give or take a chaser.

    51. Snowboarding- Video Game or real thing? Neither cuz I'm not a vg person, and I've never actually gone skiing or snowboarding. Or sledding or anything!

    52. cash or check card - both, thank you. I'll say check card. If I have cash, I spend it.

    53. Lots of friends or a few best friends - both.

    54. camping or hotel - Never gone camping.

    55. Fave girl and boy name - Aidan and Emma

    56. rough or slow - Slow

    57. favorite food - Japanese. Veggie Tempura!

    58. Craziest thing you have ever done - Come out of the closet? I've stood in a toilet and sung a song before. 6th grade truth or dare. I don't care to relive it.

    59. something no one knows about you - My weight. Haha!!

    60. talents? Taking countless surveys. I can sing and play piano and tap dance purty good too. All at the same time!

    61. funnel or keg stand? Don't like beer.

    62. one thing you would change about yourself if you could - I'd remove all frizzies from my hair. Permanently. And I'd straighten that one bottom tooth. Little fucker.

    63. vibrators.. ya or neh - ya or neh? Wha? Ok then. Ya. Mrs. Darling?

    64. Your name is..? NOW we're doing this? Caitie. Grady.

    65. When you're depressed, you usually..? Are very quiet.

    66. When you're happy, you usually..? Are not very quiet, but are not too loud unless there's booze involved. Smile a lot.

    67. When you feel fat, you usually..? Wear something loose and don't eat any big meals that day.

    68. Are you happy with the way you look? Getting there. I do like my face and hair and neck and shoulders. My feet are kinda cute too. I don't care what my sister says.

    69. If you could change three things about your appearance, they would be...? Ok then one more thing. A little lipo, and I'd shave my hips down a little. I've got birthin' hips, man.

    70. What are the positive things going on in your life right now? I'm making money doing something not horrible. My family and friends love me and I love them. I love the school I go to. I'm confident in most things about myself now (still not a confident singer but hey.), I'm gonna have a listening party tonight with nathan!

    71. And the bad things? It's reaaaally hot right now. Mom just had surgery, so she's infirm.

    72. How much do you weigh? Nobody knows. Probably more than you think. I have more muscle than you'd expect.

    73. Are you happy with your weight? Why/Why not? No I'm not. Who is? I wanna weigh less. The number doesn't matter as much as the look though.

    74. When you have sex, do you always make sure you use contraception? I've slipped up once. That one and only time. Whoa.

    75. How old were you when you lost your virginity? 21. No making fun.

    76. What do you think of one night stands? I think it's unhealthy, not just physically. It's sad and pathetic.

    77. Have you ever read my diary? Who? What? This is MY journal!

    78. Name your top five diaries... Uh. . . The Diary of Anne Frank? MY journal, Nathan's Journal, Jeannie's Journal, and Yuri's journal.

    79. Do you live in the UK? No, but I'm going next summer for the third time! Yayayay!!

    80. What is your opinion of people who self-harm? I used to be one. I feel sad for them.

    81. What is your opinion on gay marriage? Bush is a maniacal dick-fuck. Banning it is pretty much unconstitutional. All 'men' are created equal, n'est pas?

    82. Do you think the media puts a lot of pressure on us to be thin and beautiful? Hells yeah. But that's the way it is.

    83. Are you happy? For the most part.

    84. Coke or Pepsi? C2, though I'm not a big fan of carbonation.

    85. Sprite or 7up? 7up

    86. Fanta or Sunkist? What? I don't know about either. Sunkist. I hate that damned Fanta commercial.

    87. thin or fat? Somewhere inbetween

    88. long or short? What? Me? Shortish. Other people? Not too tall. Shortish is fine.

    89. hard or soft? Soft. Mostly.

    90. carpet or floorboards? Hard wood. Like my house!

    91. fast or slow? driving? Fast. Relationships, slow.

    92. gay or straight? Gay. For me. You can be whatever you want. I no care.

    93. pretty or ugly? Pretty

    94. bus or train? Train

    95. plane or boat? Plane for speed. Boat for fun.

    96. abroad or in your country? Both

    97. stay in or go out? Both, but I'm a little more stay inny.

    98. kisses or cuddles? Both, but I'm a little more cuddly

    99. make love or have sex? I would feel cheesy saying make love, but it's more personal if you think of it that way though. Less . . . impersonal. . .

    100. relationships or one night stands? Relationships.

    101. smirnoff or archers? Ketel One.

    102. fruit or chocolate? Fruit. Not flavouring. Actual fruit.

    103. milkybar or dairymilk? Dairymilk! Yummmmm British candy!

    104. internet or shopping? Shopping

    105. thongs or pants? Uh pants? Oh you're British, mister creator. Pants.

    106. bra or no bra? Bra

    107. PJ's or sleep naked? Naked

    108. trousers or skirts? Both - oh so British.

    109. bikini or swimming costume? Aw costume haha. Bikini.

    110. tampons or towels? Haha towels. Tampons, absolutely.

    111. big brother 2 or big brother 3? I have Big Sisters. 2.

    112. gold or silver? Silver

    113. nike or adidas? Adidas I guess

    114. What do people call you? In order of popularity: Caitie, Caitlin, Caitie Grady

    115. Why did you decide to answer this survey? Cuz I tend to do shit like this when I want some down time.

    116. Do you like having an online diary? I prefer to call it a journal. Yes I do.

    117. Do you usually have good dreams or bad ones? Weird ones. And good ones. And Good and weird ones.

    118. What is your favorite dream? That I've EVER had? I do not know. Hehehe yes I do. And I'm not telling. You'd make fun of me anyway.

    119. What was the strangest dream you had? I'm going to talk instead about Jennie's weird-ass dreams from 7th grade. The first one, she was driving (yes 7th grade) along this road, and this big blue chunk of something falls out of the sky and hits her car. She gets out of her car and is staring at it, and this kangaroo hops up to her and starts chanting, "I know what it i-is! I know what it i-is!" I won't go into the other one. But it involved our humanities teacher dancing on the table in yellow spandex and throwing flourescent candy bars which used to be students she expelled.

    120. Do you remember your dreams usually? Quite often.

    121. Did you ever dream about someone famous? Quite often.

    122. Who was it? I've had dreamd involving the cast of Friends, the cast of Will and Grace, the cast of Moulin Rouge, Diana Rigg, Bernadette Peters, and many more. . . mostly non-sexual. Mostly.

    124. Did you ever dream about flying? Hell yes!

    125. Did you ever dream about having magical powers? Flying! And being a ghost who could act through people. For some reason I was trying to reach people through Becca. And any of you who know Becca know that that's not gonna work, cuz she's already a little too out there. People would think it was an acting exercise she was doing.

    126. Do you day dream? Hell yes.

    127. What do you day dream about? People, the future.

    128. Did you ever get caught daydreaming in school? Nope.

    129. If so, what did you do? Bweh

    130. Are your dreams black and white or in color? Mostly color.

    131. What do you dream about for your future? Much of the time, film. Sometimes theatre.

    132. What do you want to be? Successful

    133. Do you want to be famous? I wouldn't mind.

    134. Do you hope to be better off than your parents? That's different. It's unrelated.

    135. Do you talk about dreams with other people? Yep.

    136. Who do you talk about them with? A few friends.

    137. Are your dreams important to you? Sure, yes, I find them to be quite enjoyable.

    138. And... do you take the time to listen to other people's dreams? Sometimes.

    139. Hi! How are you today? You are a psycho, you know that?

    140. Are you wearing pants? A skirt? Shorts? A skirt.

    141. What does it look like? Denim, a few inches above the knee, JCrew, sort of a mediumy blue color.

    142. Are you wearing socks? What kind? Nope.

    143. What kind of shirt or top are you wearing? Oh good lord. Something you'd never expect on me, but it's pretty I swear! It's one of those peasanty tube top things. It's white with big pink roses on it.

    144. What is your favorite top or shirt to wear? I like the bright ones with personality. Liek my 80s-looking magenta one, or my orange cut off thing. This top is fun too. That or my black tanktop. It's slimming.

    145. Do you prefer wearing sandals or boots? Generally, flip flops. So sandals. I'm wearing boots now though. Fuggs. You know, fake Uggs.

    146. Tennis shoes (tennies) or heels? Heels.

    147. What is something you wouldn't be caught dead wearing? Shorts.

    148. Socks or pantyhose? Those socks you can't see. the ones BELOW the ankle.

    149. Shorts or capri pants? Ack! Death to shorts! Capris please.

    150. Sweats or jeans? jeans

    151. What's something you know other people would laugh at you for wearing, but you wear it anyways? Sometimes I wear my tinkerbell watch.

    152. Button-up or pullover? Pull-over. I've got boobs, it's too complicated.

    153. Fleece or flannel? Fleece.

    154. Are you fashion-smart or fashion-impared? I'm fine. I wear what I LIKE.

    155. Macy's or Old Navy? Neither.

    156. What color looks the best on you? Pinks, creams, certain blues, and weird shades of red. Some greens too.

    157. What color looks the worst on you? My natural hair color doesn't look good on me. It's brown, but it's so dark it looks black. Not flattering. Black is hard for me to get away with I think. I'm not a winter. I think I'm a cross between Summer and Fall. Lavender isn't great either.

    158. What color looks bad on you but you love wearing it anyways? Bright red. I love my red lifeguard sweatshirt.

    159. Bikini (two piece) or one piece? Bikini, but with a sarong or something around my booty. A wrap of some sort.

    160. Do you go for style or for comfort? A nice mixture.

    161. Designer name or store brand? I'm a little bit of a label whore. Eep!

    162. Girls, are sports bras a God-send or just pure evil? Both

    163. Ballcaps or bandanas to cover your head? I want that pink trucker hat from D*Lush that says Shorty on it.

    164. Do you get a belt or just buy smaller pants? I like my belt. I only have one. But I like it.

    165. If you could have a $5000 shopping spree and go to your favorite clothes shops, where would you go? Urban, Banana, Jasmine Sola, Arden B, A leeeeetle bit of Prada, AE, What's that one East Coast place called - - the cheap one - - UMMMM not Filene's . . that ONE place. Oh well I can't remember what it was called.

    166. Where abouts are you located, and do you like it there? I am located in Coronado. It's a little stifling but it's a very very nice place to grow up. And then leave.

    167. If you could live in one place, where would that be? Maybe London.

    168. If you had one wish, what would it be? I'm too wishy to pick.

    169. Which would you rather be, blind or deaf? Why? Blind. Beauty is only skin-deep. And I can't do without music and words.

    170. What is your favorite thing in the whole world to do with your free time? Play music.

    171. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Right now, I'd go to Hawaii. Kauai, to satisfy the child.

    172. What do you think about the new SouthWest policy on larger people having to buy two seats if they "hang over" from one seat into the next? That seems like discrimination to me. That really sucks.

    173. What is your favorite time of the day and why? Long about noon, when your appetite's pokin' atcha, pokin' atcha. Fifty points to you if you can tell me what that came from.

    174. Favorite thing to drink? Water with crushed ice. And Chai. And Arnold Palmers.

    175. Are you a cat person, a dog person, or both? Both.

    176. What is your favorite movie of all time? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    177. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? No. It doesn't work.

    178. If you could travel back in time, who would you most like to meet and why? I suppose I'd like to meet Shakespeare. Or Catherine the Great. To find something out. Or that Eleanor Dooza. See what the hubbub is all about.

    179. Speaking of time travel, what time would you most like to live in? Hmmm. Elizabethan? No. The thirties? No. Little Women era is endearing.

    180. What do you think about make-up? To use, or not to use...that is the big question. Just kidding, I'm curious, that's all. To use. Subtly, unless with specific non-whore-ish purpose, ie dressing up as something

    1. For $50,000: Would you Kill someone? Absolutely not.
    2. For $50,000: Would you make out with a sibling (tongue and all)? EWWW!!
    3. For $50,000: Would you eat a bowl of feces? NO!
    4. For $50,000: Would you do heroin once? No.
    5. For $50,000: Would you run through your city naked? No.
    6. For $50,000: Would you play Russian Roulette? No way.
    7. For $50,000: Would you walk through a pit of poisonious snakes? No.
    8. For $50,000: Would you ingest blood? Maybe.
    9. For $50,000: Would you gain 50lbs? No.
    10. For $50,000: Would you have a tooth pulled with no anisthetic? Maybe.
    11. For $50,000: Would you let the government tell you a classified secret and not be able to tell anyone ever? Probably not.
    12. For $50,000: Would you let someone drop you off in the middle of nowhere with no map, compass or any possesions? No.
    13. For $50,000: Would you tell someone you loved your deepest darkest secret? I have done that for free. So sure, if you wanna pay me that's fine.
    14. For $50,000: Would you dip your hand in a bowl full of pills, not knowing what any are, and take whatever you pull out? Uh. . . I don't know. Doubt it.
    15. For $50,000: Would you renounce God? No.

    1. who are you? Me.
    2. what are you doing with your life? More than you know.
    3. when did you first fall in love? When I was 11. Not with a person. Or an animal, you sick fuck.
    4. where were you on 09/11? Washington, D.C. - - THAT was SOMETHING. Holy crap.
    5. why do you do the things you do? I gotta be me. I like it. It's honest.
    6. how do you like your eggs? Over easy. NO!!!! WAIT!! Huevos Rancheros. MMMMMMM. . .
    7. who is the person that crosses your mind the most? Me. And a couple people I'm obsessed with. Other than me.
    8. what is the one material item you could not live without? Chapstick or deodorant.
    9. when was the last time you ate chocolate? I had one of those peanut butter swoop things yesterday. Just one. I'm not huge on the chocolate.
    10. where did your Mom give birth to you? Sharp Hospital, San Diego, CA.
    11. why aren't you outside right now? I'm in here. I'm leaving in like 10 though. To listen. . .
    12. how does it feel to be you? Right now, feels a little like the need to pee.
    13. who is the person you run to the most for comfort? Mother
    14. what makes you smile without fail? When Logan says "SO. Here's the earth. . . Chillin. . ." Also certain Sondheim songs. But it's a smile while crying.
    15. when did you join Diaryland? What? blurty. in the winter, or very late fall I guess. 2003.
    16. where did you lose your virginity? (assuming you have) or where do you want to lose it? (if you haven't) I lost it in a bed. In a house.
    17. why did you decide to style your hair the way it currently is? Cuz it's more flattering to have your hair up when you're wearing a strapless top. It shows off the neckline better. And the little strands frame my face nicely.
    18. how many pillows do you sleep with? Two. And one next to me, but it's too hot to touch that one.
    19. who is the celebrity you loathe the most? I don't like that Simpson girl much. Nor do I care for Norm McDonald. Or Martha Stewart.
    20. what would you rather be doing? Having a listening party. Oh hey! It's just about time!
    21. when did you last eat? Ummm like 5 hours ago.
    22. where do you usually hide stuff? HA! Like I'm posting that in public. Then you'll come and reveal my secret and embarassing stuff!!

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