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CMizzle (cmizzle) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 11:06:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Matchboxx 20 Bright Lights :)

    thanksgiving/hairy funn
    Hey readers, its been awhile. Well todays thanksgiving and two nights ago i slept over zanders new beautiful house, Hey alex!
    2days ago [tuesday] : I went to school and we had this prayer service blessing all of the new stuff..."The Music Chamber [my favorite..haha] , The Art Gallery, and The Technology Center." They named the caffertria the Lions Court, which i think is insane...its a CAFFETRIA! Well after school i went to Alyvias home to watch American Idol Christmas! It was good other than those dumb talentless ugly junior idols were on...ew! Ruben, THE AMERICAN IDOL, was good, so was clay, Kelly Clackson is pregnant i think so. After that we slept over alex's...her and Alyvia are nieghbors [i think thats deffinatley the single most coolest thing ever, i wish i was neighbors with my cousins]. Well, after watching t.v and chatting it up online 3 mounths of my life got ERASIED! ha ha you know what i mean ugh! thanks you hairy haters! so then alex "brought it back old school" [insiders] and put on my personal favorite, "Part of Your World" aka "That little Mermaid CLASSIC" then i was pretty tired so i tried going to sleep, so i went to the back of her room and slept in the box, literally. Then Alyvia and Danielle woke me up...i watched Crank Yankers...then i went back to sleep in the Fort [Fort Duquense]

    1day ago aka Wed: when i woke up only danielle and alex were there. They thought that it would be reall funny to throw my box out the window spit on it and then blame the workers...I believed them and then yelled at the workers...they still love me though because my box was at alex's house. so then after bring it inside it fell apart. then we ate some good muffins and went over alyvias...i wore alex's SWEET mj pants, then my ma picked me up in her rent a car....some man ran into her car therefor its being fixed, well then my daddy and me and carly went to the beechwood mall which was funn. We bought my ma this really cool purse. Its for christmas. We bought it at Saks, its brown and loius. Well after that i bought this really cool shirt that says "COTURE LOVIN' JUICY" that i think might appear on my christmas cards. Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory yumm...we got the new girl wator and she took a long time, the food was good though i guess. My dad bought the Beatles cd and we jammd to that the whole way home.

    today aka thursday aka thanksgiving: well my mom is having the whole fam over which means that i probabbly have to babysit the cousins...which is not aunt chris who is funny/insane is comming, she loves animals and has no kids, she once tried to call the whitehouse to get elephants out of the circus which is funny but i love her shes cool. so i must go and get ready for the guest...

    "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
    Come together right now over me" - beatles [which is funny]
    me out!

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