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CMizzle (cmizzle) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 15:20:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:Jimmy Fallon - Idiot Boyfriend

    Aight readers! today was busy and joyous. My first joyous moment was when i awoke and put on my BURGANDY polo shirt...i was extremly happy because i always have to wear white... :) so then i went to school and talked to PK and MAGGIE...HEY PK HEY MAGGIE! so after chatting it up w/ the friendlys i went down to the auditorium and voted for PK cuz he is saweet! i also voted for dano...HEY THERE DANO! after this it was annuced that both of the friendlys won!! aww i was over joyed!! i jumped out of my seat when they called the name of patrick krieger! :) awww i was emensly after that i went to recess...i talked to Ralph Shcudel and am proud to report he told ME that i am the president of his fan club! :) Sad news though...Brandon Banks hates me...he told me still in love with you Brandon Banks! After that we ate lunch and pat was a loser (wats new?!) and then we went up to the church bulding for BETA club instalation. we got stickers and pins and had to take a pledge...ERIN MAGGIE AND ALYVIA!! you guys were sweet!! so after that i was walking down to the school building when alex thomas and me saw that ms. melone...she said she was proud of us and gave us hugs BUT THEN she made some fun of my shoes some more...HA HA HA Miss Britt likes them!! then i went home on that awfull bus after failing the "Are You a Blonde Test?"...PK did to though... well readers must leave ya here c.W.

    wait! I am sad to say that the 7th grade Cardinals lost their game yesterday...they should really practice... oohhh yeah and thank you kids on elceting me as student council hm rep.! next year im running for president...u call all vote for least i no my *best friend* will...


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