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.ForeveR.DreaminG. (clumsylil1) wrote,
@ 2004-03-10 15:24:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Bottom of the Bottle - Smile Empty Soul

    Hmm.. last few days... let's see... nothing big.. haha but monday... our math class is just sitting there pretty peacefully taking our test with the door open. across the hall, mr. manning had a sub, Mr. Hellwig.. awesome freaking teacher. So he's pretty loud.. we can hear just about everything he's saying... so he's talking about WWI or something like that... when all of a sudden... he's like "..Kill those FUCKERS!" I definitely was amused by that.. apparently mrs callender wasn't.. so she got up and closed the door while saying, "Well.. everyone's entitled to their own opinions..." as my gay math class is laughing their asses off of course. That was probably the highlight of my day monday. hmm then yesterday, nothing really went on that i recall. I made a whole page for my pics.. (Which can be viewed at Def. take some time and check out my superb photography skills.) but other than that yesterday I did nothing. Today.. hmm nothing out of the ordinary.. mostly just had a headache all day. It was Chyresse's bday though, which is cool (happy birthday babe!) and besides that... well here I am.. tired as all hell. Just got off the phone with my aunt... who's armadillo hunting in california at the moment... haha I love her!!! but yeah i'm tired so i'm out...


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2004-03-11 12:14 (link)
armadillo hunting sounds interesting... :-P

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