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Kristin Kreuk (kristin_kreuk) wrote in club_369,
@ 2002-11-06 04:51:00
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    Current mood: devious

    more than a lover

    He released my hair from his grasp and it fell over my back lightly, and he brought his other hand up across my chest, lifting my shirt up with his arm and finally taking it fully off with his free hand. I shifted slightly uneasily at the sudden loss of clothes, still covered partially by my unlatched bra. He moved his body to free that from my skin as well but I put up a hand to stop him. What would be the fun in me being naked when he was still fully clothed? So instead I started slowly unbuttoning his shirt, starting from the top. And with each button that I released, I kissed the naked skin that became visible. When I got halfway down on the shirt, I changed from kissing to licking little circles and nipping at his flesh. The final button came undone, only to reveal the button of his jeans. With no skin to kiss or lick, I instead just popped open the button to his jeans and slid open the zipper using my teeth, pushing his jeans down with my hands. Not wanting to go too far too soon, I sucked on his skin right above his boxers, licking my way up his hip bone where I nipped and sucked his skin until it turned a familiar deep shade of red.

    Pleased with my marking, I licked my way back up his chest, where I finally pushed his open shirt down off of his shoulders, leaving his top half naked to me. Smiling, I picked up one of his arms and held his hand while I traced the intricate tattoos laced up his forearm with my finger. When I got done with his arm, I looked up and noticed his grin and I can't describe the overwhelming desire I had for him at that point in time. It was almost as if all time stopped and hit me in the chest and said this was where I was meant to be right then. I kissed his mouth with renewed passion. Refueled by the fire in his eyes and the heat in from his mouth, I teased my hands randomly across his chest and back. As we kept our lips locked together, his fingers slid over the top of my skirt, unzipping it and letting it slide over my legs onto the floor where I stepped out of it casually, trying not to break the kiss. I could feel him smirk slightly beneath my mouth when I fell out of balace while stepping out of my skirt and fell into his arms a little harder than usual.

    Moving his hands back up to my shoulders, he slid my loose bra straps off of my shoulders and before I could protest about being fully naked he completely engulfed my mouth with his, stroking his tongue alongside mine. His fingertips followed the bra straps down my arms and he made sure the fabric was completely stripped from my body as he entwined my fingers with his...

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2002-11-06 18:11 (link)

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2002-11-06 18:30 (link)
*dies* i dont think people are interested anymore

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2002-11-06 20:43 (link)
I AM! lol

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2002-11-06 21:05 (link)

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2002-11-06 21:16 (link)

I am.

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2002-11-06 21:31 (link)
ok later tonight

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2002-11-07 22:12 (link)
SOB. Kristin. Don't make me wait for another Neutrogena commerical. >:O

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