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clowndust (clown_dust) wrote,
@ 2010-03-23 15:56:00
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    My two cents.. you've been warned
    I try to stay away from political issues and talk. Mainly due to the fact that I am just very inexperienced in that field. Plus, I stay away from all those news channels an one sided opinions that are always blaring on CNN, FOX, etc. I'd rather listen to both sides, unbiased. Ok, so now given my disclosure, here's my take on this HUGE health care issue.

    First off, I would consider my self a democrat (I hear the moans already). Yes, I believe as us American's we should not only help ourselves but attempt to help those less fortunate than us. And I'm not talking about those that just simply do not give a rat's ass and plan on living with assistance for them and their 12 babies they constantly pop out to get more government assistance. Those people need to be shipped to a 3rd world country and fight for their own well beings. But anyways. I do think it is a complete shame that our country consists of millions of people that don't have and/or can't afford health insurance. And yes, I do think it should be a right as an American. And yes, I will us the current cliche of re-iterating as an American we have the right to free education, why not health care for our well-being. Many countries, including Canada, France, etc, use a universal health care program, sure they pay for it through their taxes, and sure there are probably areas that their programs could be improved (as with anything), so why can't it work for the United States? The US is spends so much money on health care but yet so many people are without that benefit. With the current state of our economy and such a high jobless rate, health care is going to be the last thing people are going to pay.

    The real issue(s) should be to examine the insurance companies and prescription drug makers. The government seemed to have done a good job at picking and choosing who/what they want to "bail out". How have bailing out the banks helped American's in general? Only made it harder for us to obtain loans and who really knows how these new credit laws REALLY help the consumer. The auto industry... how did the government really help bail out GM?? Most of these "American made" cars (Ford, GM, Chrysler) are made outside of the US, or at least the parts to make these cars. I know personally how these fall out has effected people.

    This country (Washington, specifically) needs to get things in order and actually HELP the people of the United States. We, as a whole, can not dig out of the debt our leaders have caused. Communities are becoming ghost towns, 100s of people are applying for jobs they normally wouldn't have in the past, just hoping for a small steady income. All the while, Washington big-wigs, CEO's, etc are riding around in brand new cars, flying in personal jets, and laying their head down in the king sized mahogany wood bed.

    I've obviously gone way off on this. But I don't believe Washington is/has looked out for the general public. This country has not been led by how the founding fathers had intended it to. And granted, things need to change with the times, but still. Our country is being ran BY the big conglomerate companies. The "people behind the scenes" in all different departments in Washington come from these big corporations. Banking, health care, commerce, hell, even agriculture. If you look into the background of those in the departments, they are the ones running the country and looking out for their own interests, not of us as a whole.

    Anyways, this country has a very long ways to get back on its feet. And even if it get to that point, it will never be the way it once used to be.

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2010-03-23 18:54 (link)
Very nicely put. No, I'm not going to start groaning...

Question now is...Where does it end?


I can't afford car insurance...or a car either. I need the Government to buy me one so I can be like everyone else.

I can't afford a house. The Government needs to tax more of those rich evil Republicans and give me their money to buy a house. It's my right as an American!

My job doesn't pay me enough. I demand The Government force those evil Republican Controlled businesses to give me the job I want and pay me $100 an hour so I can have all the things those "rich people" have....I feel like i'm a victim of poverty because I don't have all the things I want.

I believe in helping others when they need they can be self-reliant again. We live in an incredibly "gimmie gimmie gimmie" society & the Government is only too willing to cave in to it.

At what point does the government say "NO" to more entitlements??

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2010-03-23 22:35 (link)
No groans from me, the poster boy for Liberalism. lol.......................
I totally agree with your thoughts.
People are upset about the bank and auto bailouts, but they are down right filled with hatred about the health insurance. Is it really that much worse than industry bailouts???
They don't want everybody to have healthcare, but I don't see any of them turning down Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, SS. When they start rejecting receiving those, then they can piss and moan about healthcare for all. ARGH........
Hugs, Jon

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