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Lindy (clouded_mind) wrote,
@ 2005-11-26 15:44:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful

    So glad hes not home
    In a world were everyone talks about eachother..and everyone makes fun of one another does it make sense to call one out on it? When you yourself know that you are guilty of the same device? Everyone hates to be talked about yet they wont talk to eachother about it. And when they do everyone just seems to have their own opinions on the situtation. Why do people believe that they are above human nature? But that when they want to hear what is said about them all they do is throw a fit and try to look better. WE all are victims of this so why does it continue? I suppose it starts when one does finally go up and talk to another and they got shot down must be the reason why people never talk to eachother truthfuly. Like if you herd something and whether or not it was true the person came up to you and told you about it, atleast they are being honest. It backfires when they go into defence mode and try to rip them apart. But the interesting thing is..they will then trun around and say something about it either to themselves or another person. I think this is the reason why we dont talk to eachother anymore about whats really going on b/c it never seems to help in the end anyways. B/c at one point we all had the door shut in our face for being honest so we choose not to anymore. This causes the making fun of or the gossip. WE all do it..and will continue to do it until we can figure out a way to get over ourselves. None of us are innocent..and none of us have any room to bring down another for doing the one thing that we do ourselves. The only thing that Ive figured out is to just try to be honest until the door is shut and then...and then well I dont know anymore. How do you be honest with someone that does think that they are innocent? Or someone that talks about you too when you arent around why would you want to be the better person. When it comes right down to it..we all still do it anyway? And what is the better person? Is it keeping your trap shut? Which is doesnt seem possible. B/c even elderly people talk about eachother. Or that when the door is shut in your face to just keep talking and dont stop the honesty? Sometimes it just seems easier to just drop it and move on but words leave scars that stay around longer than scars from a fight. What do you think?

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2005-11-26 20:29 (link)
We always liked you and am glad to see that someone who has never met us does in fact care. I'm not taking over, I'm just getting a well deserved vacation. -Z

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