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Lindy (clouded_mind) wrote,
@ 2005-08-21 16:04:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Dust in the Wind-Kansas

    A random/imformative update!
    So I talked to Tony today. Wierd. I cant believe he actually hurt Denise the way that he did. Gross. He still wants to be friends. But I donno well see...I guess. hmmmm

    I got my first hangover yesterday. I thought that I was going to die. lol Anyway I know why I got one I had beer before the Vodca...yeah that will do it. Anyways Im happy right now with life no drama goin on really and everyone seems to be doing ok. School is doing well for me and Im happy. My car made a burning smell yesterday. I asked Peter about it and he said that the car is fine. Still tommorow Im going to call to take it in again just to check and see. boys right now. Thank Gawd. And another thing whats with everyone posting on myspace about God in their bulletins? Seems a little over done. But! Im not one to judge. People can believe in whatever they wish as long as it doesnt hurt anyone or preach to others than Im peachy with it. I think that everyone should believe in something so kudos to you if you do. Even if its something like I just believe in a better sandwich than the last one...atleast its something. lol Luvs to all and Hopefully Peter calls/writes to me today so he can tutor me soon in the world of Max.
    Later days!

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Like a gas shadow
2005-08-21 20:45 (link)
What if your religion does hurt people. hahaha... glad to see you're doing well :) Look for me on yahoo, IM me: Zennek101. Or maybe you'll let me hear your voice- 1-541-826-4451, if I'm next door (my grandparent's house) 830-3311. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2005-08-23 07:45 (link)
Vodka* .. and did you eat anything or drink water while you were drinking alcohol? That'll do it. I've mixed lots of different drinks in one night, and a lot of those drinks, and I didn't get anything - not even really tipsy. We all have different tolerances though, my dear. lol.

I don't think there is a problem about people posting what they believe on myspace. Who are you to say it "seems a little over done"? They aren't pushing their beliefs on anyone. Just posting what they believe... and if a LOT of people on myspace believe that way, then it's awesome. I do think it's great that you believe in something and that you have an open mind to what other people think.

How are you coming on your flour sack animation?

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Re: Jen - jen again again..
2005-08-23 07:51 (link)
I keep replying to my own posts.. haha.

I worded the part about drinking funny, so if you don't understand it I'm about to explain - if you drink plenty of water or eat something before / while you drink, you are much less likely to get a hangover. So I asked to see if you did.

Yeah. It's 5 am and I'm tired. :P

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Jen again.. lol
2005-08-23 07:47 (link)
Oh yeah... also.. you had time to get a hangover, sooo... how come my phone didn't ring with an invite?

yeah.. yeah that's what I thought. :P

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