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Lindy (clouded_mind) wrote,
@ 2005-07-09 21:51:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music: My cat is meowing, bleh

    Picture time!
    Okie everyone...Heres me in Dreads! But I just took them out unforunatly b/c they werent really reacting well with my hair. I think once I let my hair grow out and then cut off the deadness I will try this awesomeness again! lol Plus the ones in my spikes kept on fraying. Still luv ya Kylie and I will get them again! I promice!! I want my long hair again!!! =(
    Image hosted by
    Heres one of me last night but I look really pissed but then again it was freakin 3am in the morning lol.
    Image hosted by

    PS We had a BBQ today and Im glad to see all of my closest friends together again! YES! Go Real World AIPX! hahaha Luv ya Coty, Kirby, Jen, John and Goosie..and the newbie to our group Tom.

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2005-07-20 17:07 (link)
Hey! You're a cutie.

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2005-07-23 05:43 (link)
Hah thanks I dont have the dreds anymore though. But my hair is black and purple. Hows your life hon? Hope all is well. Although some of the people that post on your journal are quite scary and seem to wanna hurt Myah. hmmm Please protect her. Luvs!

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2005-07-23 15:10 (link)
Oh, no worries. I have everything under control. Nothing can touch her without going out in a hail of gunfire.

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