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Lindy (clouded_mind) wrote,
@ 2005-07-09 07:42:00
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    Current mood: listless

    Go ahead and read.
    Maybe I just shouldnt write in here anymore. If No one else understands what Im tryin to say than whats the point? If Im having to show what every little word means on here. Im trying to talk more to my friends. But sometimes I dont wanna talk..and I need something to do with my hands. Sometimes its at 3am....or right now. Its been...I think Feburary since my last cut..maybe March I cant really remember. I need this whine and bitch so my friends wont get annoyed of me in person. If I stop writing here....I wont be able to talk to anyone ever at all. I dont want to go back there. Im trying to grow up and Im trying to be a better person. Writing in here what I feel helps me. Please dont take that away from me and always come down on what I say. I am a good person dammit. I deserve my santuary....everyone else gets one. I dont think that boys suck...I just think that a lot of them are fucking losers and that need to get a life, not with me. And not every relationship Ive had was bad. And..I donno I just dont wanna talk about this anymore. I dont want a boy anymore Im not looking. There are you happy? Gawd, just stop I know what Im doing. Dammit...its take me 30 mins just to write this..b/c I want to again. GRRR! Oh know what I dont care what anyone thinks Im going to continue to write in here, despite everything. If someone doesnt like it oh well. And I do luv all of my friends even you Coty. I know that your reading this and I just want to tell you you mean a lot to me. So let just stop this ok? I dont want you to be all mad everytime Im like boys are dumb. Just let me be. I dont wanna start anything with you and I dont want to leave here. Maybe I just wont make my posts public anymore. Maybe then..I can bleed.

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2005-07-09 19:15 (link)
thats why lj is better ive had someone rudely comment once and that was it in the 4 yrs ive had it. also i'm proud of you its been that long. mine was may 4th
~becca aka chu

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2005-07-09 19:46 (link)
Luv you! Cant wait to see you soon

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