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Cosmetic Promoter (closetwitch) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 17:51:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:Cradle - The Rising

    Strictly for Spicy-eaters.

    Do you remember the time when you're ate a nice dish which is overrun by chilli strips? And after a delicious burning sensation in your mouth, you start to smile at your "crush" just when you thought that you had a good conversation where you two actually clicked and there it is - chilli settles inbetween your pearly whites. Not that I haven't experienced it but when he/she looks at you and start mimicking their fingers between their own teeth and sputtering this sentence "There's something inbetween your teeth". I realized that this is not as bad if a friend tells you that but when it comes to strangers/crushes, it seems like your worst nightmare. Just a thought, actually. For lunch today, I went out to have a small lunch with Saf and Anne-Anne. A new place in my college, same average dishes, nothing special but it's the presense of your friends that made that place moderately cozy.

    Children this passage is going to have a small explicit language. But since I don't believe you would even bother that sign, SO I'm going to censor those words. I can't abso-*naughty word*-lutely believe it that Linking Park, the Linkin Park, is coming over to KL on my blooming birthday. Oh my *naughty word* god. I can't *naughty word* contain myself from insanity. Oh *naughty word* *another naughty word*! Wow, I just had a slight head rush. Jadey is so going to follow me to the concert. I am so going to drag her, with handcuffs and blindfold. Or I can bring Jessie, since she's abig fan of theirs. Is it me or do I love dragging Jadey?

    Yesterday, an old friend of mine called. Camme...Cammelia....Ca- ohwhateverspells but we called her, Cammy. It has been years that I haven't seen or heard her and suddenly, yesterday she bothers thinking about this missy. Yes, I should be thrilled to hear from an old aquaintance but she still thinks (though she doesn't say it) that I was the same vulnerable self that she knew and love to get her paws on. How do I know? By the way she try to manipulating my intelligance with her matured opinions which I loathe to listen any of them. Oh, did I mentioned that she had a bad American accent? Seriously, I don't see the point of impersonating another culture thus, they themselves don't practice that sorts. Do you know any foreigners speaking in our accent in their country? None, so far.

    She really pisses me off when she slides in her ancient scrapbook. Observe this conversation: "Oh, I saw Amril (my first blinded crush in my seventh to the eight grade), do you remember him (Should I care?)? Anyway, the other day and we talked (duh, what else is there to do but that?) and we exchanged phone numbers. I wanted to call him but I lost his number." Stop. Continue with rolling eyes sequence. "Do you still live at the same place? Amril stays there right? A bit further but still there. I went to his house once...-" Fullest stop. I cut her off. I seriously don't want to know her daily keep ups with that boy. She can screw him all she wants for what is worth. I've been hurt and insulted from Amril disapproved my existance. For God sakes, he was even embarrassed to be seen with me. Cammy broke her promise as a trusted friend to not to ever, ever tell him which she enventually did.

    Hope she is satisfied with herself. Maybe a prize is in order too! A trophy with the inscription The highest of the highest crook in the freaking universe. She thought that I was over that incident but until now, she is not worthy to be called a friend or be talking to me for what she did. If I would ever resurrected to become like her, I can't even look at myself in the mirror.

    Today, the lab was crazy cold. I couldn't even sit on the same chair for a minute. Right after the lecturer went out of the door, Anne-Anne, Kelly and I ran out from the class and lean against each other to keep warm. Of course, Kelly just have to be "visual" about body parts and I decided to run somewhere else. I can't beat that Shanghai bird. She's is my weakness. I can't perform when she's around. *Guffaw*

    I am supposed to get pictures for my assignment. Instead, I am writting this muggle contraption and watching music videos in yahoo launch. It's fantastic thing. Like a mini MTV. Okay, blonde traits is showing. Curse you Legally Blonde!

    Remember that "a friend of mine" in the last entry? Today, he smiled and nodded at me. What is that all about? I became more confuse than ever. Heh. Though, I do like that face he made when I walked with Saf and was in a deep conversation. The jealous expression. Well, it used to be you if you hadn't been such a slut. Somehow, female degrading titles sounds better on a bloke.

    Blessed be and cheers.

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