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Whitney (clayfan2003) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 21:29:00
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    new journal
    Hey everybody!!!
    Yeah i have a new journal but i may still update on my other one i dont you might see mabey i dont know that my username is clayfan2003 that s becuase one of my most favorite singers is clay aiken.Well i was thinking about making a new one that said something about clay and well here it is a journal that talkes about may talk all abot clay and all of the recent things that he is done.I will tell you about that in just a moment.In my other journal I will be talking all about my life and what i have been doing for like ever.
    Ok latly clay has been in LA. My sister's and i saw him on nickalodion or however you spell it.He sang two of his BEST SONGS. he sanf i will carry you and invisible.Ok what i thought was sooooo funny about i will carry you was he almost started to sing at the wrong invisible he kept on making...ok 9i cant explain but i guess you would say he was being....violent to the camra.LOL i think that was funny.ok well i will be gone now byebye


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