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Sir Casonova (claudezilla_22) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 21:52:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:Dosed- The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Tom Petty is my boy....
    'nuff said

    Anyways, I had good day..... Got a 103 on my Marine Biology test. i'll have to set this as one of my memorys, i've never made over 100 on a test. as Anna would after school we went to the mall and goofed around then went to the cheese were Mickey was orientating 4 people, and guess who one of them was.... If you thought Mark McGwire you were close, JAIME!!!!!!! Jamie was the man, untill he got but then he got cleared because it wasn't his fault so now he's back...and Mickey said he'd call me later tonight...why do i have the feeling that he isn't going to call me? So then I showed Kevin the wonderland known as Georgetown Park.....we had fun throwing rocks at ducks....... it's good sometimes to just go somewhere to get away from life...away from homework, away from parents, away from stress..... it felt good to be outside while it was cold..and to be at a really pretty lake... So then he just brought me home and he went to talk to Kate... So now i'm watchin NFL and am about to feel the over powering affects of Goody's PM..... ummm Sleeeeppp..... Sleeeppp means dreeeeaaammms which means FeeerrrrRRRaRRRRissss!!!!! errr i mean what? haha.....well I'm gonna go ahead and go on to bed...

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¿cómo estás?
2003-10-29 17:49 (link)
how awesome is that that jaime is back.
i tried ineffectively to get to sleep last night. when i could sleep, it wasn't ferraris or leprechauns that i dreamt about, though that would have been nice.

ps- throwing ducks at rocks is not nice.

wait, did i say that wrong..

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