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Sir Casonova (claudezilla_22) wrote,
@ 2003-10-25 18:45:00
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    Current mood: nervous

    I'm sleepy. My weekend's been great! I got to go get Anna on Thursday and we went to the Halloween Dance and to Atrox. LoL. I thought Atrox was funny as hell, especially just the way everyone else was so scared added to the humor. haha. then we went back to my house and watched this goofy clown movie. it was all right. Then me and Anna were together. :-) So then we woke up a little late on Friday morning and went back down to Tuscaloosa and Anna went to her classes while I read....and read...and read...and looked at the door hoping she would come in...and read...and hoped...and laid down then she came in! So then we spent some time together before eating and returning to B'Ham. Then we went to the Homewood game were i talked to Chris the entire time, then we went to Chuck E Cheese for a little while and mutated the birthday cake they gave us. HaHa! Then we went back to Anna's house and she wasn't feeling well, and she was so adorable! So i snuggled her up in the bed, and made her some chicken and stars...I hope she feels better. So then i woke up today at like 6:30 and had to go take the ACT's.....The Reading Comprehension whooped my ass for all 45 minutes, then the math section came along...I smell a 36 on the math section, and a damn near 35 on the Science Part. overall it wasn't too bad...except I had Mr. Snoddy again!!! and i had to listen to his monotone boring, slightly British sounding voice for 4 hours......So then I went to Guthries and ate and then hung out with Justin and Kevin all day....we did, you know the usual...played Monopoly, Evaded the Police, watched now i'm home...and constantly thinking about Anna...I misssssssssssss youuuu!!!!!!! So i'm gonna go lay down for a little while and watch the tale end of the bama game, haha they have scored as many points in over time as they did in the entire game so far....haha thats crazy.....then i'm gonnna hop up and hopefully go see my baby....well i hope everyone else had a fun weekend! adios

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2003-10-26 13:47 (link)
frickin 5 overtimes!! we shoulda won dammit.
and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the chicken and stars. you always know how to make me feel good. =o] you're all the medicine i need.

ps- i hate the ACT

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2003-10-26 20:32 (link)
aww i'm your're sweet Anna! and yes the ACT's were awful...sitting in that damn desk for 4 hours sucked so bad!! haha.....

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2003-10-26 13:55 (link)
haha yeah atrox was really funny. I was in a group with all girls, so that definitely made it funnier; the ones in front ran into 4 walls.

damn those alabama football players. that was a tight game though. but hey, the marlins won
-mr hankey

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hell yeah the marlins won
2003-10-26 20:30 (link)
LoL yeah the person who was in the front of our group kept running into walls...all you heard during the pitch black dark part was THUD..OUCH.....THUD...shit...about 10 times.... but yeah the bama game was was a killer game, and the yankess whoops yankees got delt with by the marlins.....haha well take it easy....

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