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Clark (clark_lowry) wrote,
@ 2003-05-04 18:42:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:know your onion! the shins

    He flicks his fingers as he drops ashes into the glass tray beside his computer monitor. The faint sounds of music drifts from his discarded headphones attached to the speakers in a hazed sound that is not entirely audible. Dark hair falls into his eyes as he leans over the keyboard with his curled palms pressing into his forehead and chin tilting downward in thought. Leather cuffs catch the setting sun with a glint before he pulls apart.

    I heard about a suicide. Hate me because I opt not to care. It is the coward way out. There is always hope, always light, and if you cannot see that than you are forcing yourself into a hole with your own shovel burying you in deep. I wish he would've started digging the other direction, but. Whatever. I'm going to go dance the YMCA on these vintage skates I found and take Rosanna on a walk.

    It smells so sweet outsides. Flowers are blossoming. Spring is renewal. Spring is beauty.

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2003-05-04 21:36 (link)
--Shaking her head softly, allowing strayed strands to fly very slightly before settling upon her raven clad shoulder. Biting gently down on her bottom berry stained tier before she allowed her fingertips to sit upon each key.--

In all honesty, I couldn't agree with you more. It's rather ridiculous to mourn over someone's stupid choice. Eh... Nevertheless, I don't wish to dwell.

But, hello. I am Audrey. And for the record, I am not flirting. Heh.

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2003-05-04 21:44 (link)
- Coughs -

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2003-05-04 22:02 (link)
--Furrows her brows a bit.-- Oh, Kylie dear... do you have a cold?

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2003-05-15 14:28 (link)
[ I think you are a fabulous role - player. . . I hate Dover. . . but, I'd love to join a community with you or something. ]

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