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Bast (circeanseeress4) wrote,
@ 2004-06-30 21:35:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:DNA "Tom's Diner"

    Ride a mile...or 7?
    Yeah so what did I do today? Well let's see... through half of the day I was trying to figure out what kind of hair cut I wanted. I will NOT cut it short like I said I would. For the best I suppose... Instead I will get long bangs and just dye my tips red... or a purplely red... I'll figure it out.... maybe I'll get my trim having jagged ends. I mean I do straighten my hair a lot more now and I love it.
    I plan on working on my costume soon. My pirate costume which I'll tell you more about later as it comes along lol. I also STILL have to start my AP work dammit. Stupid me. Oh well... I'll start it very very soon.
    My parents just went out somewhere and we are working on my room right now. I am painting :-D
    I also have to check with my parents again to make sure Kelly can come over tomorrow.
    Anyway, today I rode my bike to Andrea's house and we both rode around everywhere. We visited Dave and we tried to visit Ashley but she wasn't home... so yeah lol In the end we found out we rode 7 miles YAY I was so proud of that. I ate over her house; and Andrea, your family makes awesome meatballs lol.
    So that's what I did. Hope you enjoyed that little tidbit lol Going to now talk to people and watch tv :) later!

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