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cinnamolgus137 (cinnamolgus137) wrote,
@ 2012-03-26 20:54:00
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    Prince 2
    Prince2 Training is preferred in a wide range of industries, not only in the UK but in other countries as well. The reason for this is that Prince2 is seen as the standard way of project management in businesses of all types.

    Prince2 began as an IT-specific project management system. It has its origins around the late 1980s.Even though it originated as an IT project management system, over the years it has spread to other areas outside information technology. People realized that it could be utilized more broadly than what it was originally intended for.

    It is the de facto standard for the UK government (the original version had been conceived as the government standard for IT project management). Training in Prince2 is crucial as it enables individuals to gain an in-depth understanding of an established set of project management rules. Even though these are standard and well-authenticated protocols, they have the flexibility which allows them to be tailored for different projects.
    The main advantage of Prince2 is two-fold. It can be implemented for large and small projects alike.
    However, at times it is not worth making use of Prince2 with very small projects because of the amount of work required in checking processes. It was however made to tailor to every project.
    Recently, changes were made to Prince2 training. This happened in 2009. It was updated specifically for the modern business environment. It is now simplified and focuses on the areas of misunderstanding in the first version.
    Unlike other project management methods, it addresses processes. This gives the project some clarity in the sense that you will be able to know who has what responsibility and how and when the various goals can be achieved.

    Prince2 training delivers multiple benefits. The first benefit is the actual project management training. As a project leader you will be in a position to know how to carry out the project in the most efficient way. You will also be taught how to deal with problematic issues in the event that they arise.

    The methodology is well -known, therefore it provides a language which is common regarding the project. This is important when there are other businesses involved.

    Similarly, its popularity and widespread use means that it is well documented, and therefore training is comparatively easy. Although Prince2 is being implemented by industries, training in this revolutionary project management system is now conducted across the globe.

    If you have experience in project management, you can study without actually enrolling in a course. prince 2 training In any event, you are still required to write qualifying exams.

    Insofar as exams, there is a Foundation level exam of 1 hour duration. Additionally, there is another Practitioner level, essay-based exam of 2 hours duration. The exams are administered by the Association of Project Management (APM).

    Any organisation which offers Prince2 has to be accredited by the Association of Project Management. This means that the degree of standardisation in the training quality received is very high. Every trainer is also required to renew his or her accreditation every three years as well as receive yearly checks.

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