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For Anyone But You (cindel) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 22:29:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Twelve Stones - Running Out Of Pain

    no love is worth the hate that i feel.

    Five details about your appearance right now.
    [x] wearing my favourite purple hooded zip-up sweater from much music.
    [x] my hair is in a pony tail.
    [x] the sweatpants i am wearing have ketchup all over them.
    [x] i'm still wearing my ring although i have removed my wrist cuff.
    [x] i'm wearing my glasses.

    Five things you did today.
    [x] watched empire records.
    [x] "worked"
    [x] talked to j.r. for four hours.
    [x] ate tomato soup.
    [x] drove in a car.

    Five things that everyone should know about you.
    [x] i am too honest for you to handle.
    [x] i'm incredibly jaded.
    [x] i'm not very feminine.
    [x] i am very sexual.
    [x] i get frustrated and angry very easily.

    Five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.
    [x] taking back sunday.
    [x] the smashing pumpkins.
    [x] the ataris.
    [x] nirvana.
    [x] the beautiful mistake.

    Five things that make you happy.
    [x] my kittie.
    [x] riding in cars [[not necessarily with boys]].
    [x] rain.
    [x] good friends.
    [x] my mother.

    Five things that disgust you.
    [x] animal cruelty.
    [x] racism.
    [x] homophobia.
    [x] intolerance.
    [x] ignorance.

    Five things you can't live without.
    [x] music.
    [x] my mother.
    [x] my friends.
    [x] kittie.
    [x] my da.

    Five things you'll do when you complete this.
    [x] go down on the couch and watch empire records.
    [x] scrounge up some non-exisistant food.
    [x] try to sleep.
    [x] go to bed.
    [x] sleep.

    Five things you feel right now.
    [x] sore.
    [x] disoriented.
    [x] tired.
    [x] listless.
    [x] faint.

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