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PuertoRicanPrincess (chynadoll1984) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 02:56:00
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    Okay so.....Im new..
    The Sagittarius Personality

    ****One of the greatest things about a Sagittarian is their irrepressible optimism. They are blessed with the complete conviction that everything will work out for the best. Even when things become dicey and they start to worry, it won't be long before the Sagittarian begins to feel positive again. This is one of their greatest strengths and it has helped them to weather many storms. No matter how tough things are, a typical Sagittarian retains a positive attitude, their sense of humor and a strong belief that everything will be OK in the end. Of course, they have their bad days like everyone else, but eventually they will always find the silver lining in the cloud. Perhaps this resilient attitude to trouble is the reason the Sagittarius is said o be the luckiest sign in the zodiac.

    ****It's Jupiter, the planetary ruler of sagittarius, that gives members of this sign such a life-enhancing attitude. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and challenges. Sagittarius is the third of the Fire signs, which makes its subjects expansive, enthusiastic, and always keen to take the initiative and make things happen. And they certainly do that! It's a rare Sagittarian who likes to sit around for long, watching the grass grow. Although even these balls of fire(Sagittarius is a fire sign.) need to rest every now and then, they aren't happy unless they've got an exciting new project on to go. If they haven't, they will soon start to feel fed up and possibly even depressed, because they don't have anything to aim for.

    ****Goals are important for Sagittarians. The sign is symbolized by the Archer shooting his arrows into the air. In the same way, a typical Sagittarian has always got their eye on a target-usually slightly out of their reach, because where's the fun in achieving something simple? A Sagittarian always prefers a challenge over something easy.

    ****Sagittarians enjoy discussing ideas with friends and loved ones, especially if the conversations involve a favorite topic or have philosophical, spiritual, or political overtones. A Sagittarian is very intellectual and enjoys stretching their mind, so they probably have a home fun of books and an extremely broad range of knowledge. They have tremendous respect for knowledge and they spend their lives learning more about people and the world around them.

    ****(**big part-) Sagittarians always pride themselves on their honesty. They hate hyypocrites and despise yes-men, so you can usually expect to hear the truth from them. However, this may not always be a comfortable experience! It doesn't help that a little exaggeration often sneaks into a Sagittarian's conversation. Somehow, the Sagittarian version of the truth often turns out to be blunter and more direct than you were expecting. It may also involve the Sagittarian dropping a clanger at the same time. Of all the memebers of the zodiac, Sagittarians are the ones most likely to suffer from foot in mouth disease.

    Sagittarians with Love

    ****This is on of the most popular signs of the zodiac. People can't help flocking around Sagittarius-they appear to radiate a friendly, easygoing force-field. In addition to that, Sagittarians are terrific company and laughter never seems to be far away. No wonder they have a lot of friends.

    ****People appreciate the open and straightforward manner of the Sagittarian because it means they know where they stand. After all, this is not exactly the most tactful sign in the zodiac so it's awkward for a Sagittarian to be anything other than honest-they're usually found out if they tell lies because they let to cat out of the bag sooner or later.

    ****The one thing a Sagittarian can't abide is feeling tied down or hemmed in by a partner. They need to be able to lead their own life and not feel that someone is peering over their shoulder the whole time or trying to curb their freedom. (Not entirely true, I love it when Chris is protective over me, or ties me down, but only him, not other people(and not literally -tied down-, perverts...)) If their partner is guilty of any of these trangressions, the Sagittarian won't tolerate it for long and will soon voice their objections. They may even end the relationship if that's the only way to maintain a sense of independence. If there are reasons why they can't leave their partner, they will start to distance themselves from them in an attempt to have a life of their own.

    ****Although sex means a lot to a Sagttarian, because it allws them a lot of self-expression, the most important requirement when looking for a partner is someone who will be a friend as well as a lover. A Sagittarian needs a partner who'll still be their best friend long after the passion between them has simmered down, and whose intellect matches their own. Anything less simply isn't good enough.


    **Sagittarius with Aries**:

    This couple can look forward to lots of fun and games. They have a similar outlook on life, both wanting to enjoy it as much as possible. They also have plenty of interests in common. There's always a good-humored sense of competitiveness to their realationship and they'll love spurring each other on to tackle fresh challenges.

    **Sagittarius and Taurus**:

    It's hard to know what this couple se in each other. The freedom-loving Sagittarian will soom feel stifled by the security-loving Taurean. Any sexual or emotional relationship could soon founder. Even as friends, they will struggle to understand one another. The Sagittarian likes to live for today; the Taurean wants to save for tomorrow.

    **Sagittarius with Gemini**:

    These people are soulmates! They can expect to have trmedous fun together, talking about everything under the sun. The Sagittarian will encourage the Gemini to concentrate on things in more depth than they;re used to, and thei warm affections will help the Gemini to relax and be more demonstrative than usual. (Not entirely true, because female Geminis bother me....)

    **Sagittarius with Cancer**:

    There are so many differences between these two that they'll battle to find any common ground. The Sagittarian needs to pull their punches when delievering home truths to the Canerian, otherwise they'll have to endure a lot of hurt silences. The Sagittaian's need for room to breathe emotionally will confuse and upset the Cancerian.

    **Sagittarius with Leo**:

    This is a terrific combination because these two have a lot in common. They're both very affectionate and demonstrative. They're also very keen to get as much out of life as possible, and will talk each other into all sorts of excapades. The Sagittarian will gently take the mickey out of the Leo whenever they get too big for their boots. (I don't understand that last comment, can someone explain it to me?? Whats a mickey?)

    **Sagittarius and Virgo**:

    The major selling point for this partnership is fascination. Both people are intrigued by each other and there's always plently to talk about. The only hitch will come if they're so busy talking that they rarely get around to the more intimate aspects of their relationship. Howeer, as friends they really enjoy one another's company.

    **Sagittarius with Libra**:

    Here's a couple that like to enjoy themselves. When they get together it's a licence to spend money because neither of them needs any encouragement to be extravagant. They'll have endless discussions in which they out the world to rights since they both have very strong opinions about morality and fair play.

    **Sagittarius and Scorpio**:

    This is a strange relationship. The Sagittarian will at first be intrigued by the Scorpio's intensity and power, but the novelty value will soon start to pall. They stand a much better chance as friends than as lovers, because they have a lot to learn from each other about when to take things seriously and when to laugh things off.

    **Sagittarius with Sagittarius**:

    This can be a noisy combination because Sagittarians enjoy talking and they also enjoy laughter. They are probably better friends than live-in lovers, simply because they're likely to see more of each other that way. They may both be so independant, with such busy social lives, that they're rarely at home at the same time.

    **Sagittarius and Capricorn**:

    Opposites attract when this couple get together. The big question is whether they can surmount their massive differences and find some common ground. This can be hard work, especially if the Sagittarian is very optimistic and the Capricorn has a tendency to be pessimistic. They can help each other a lot, but are they willing to make the effort?

    **Sagittarius with Aquarius**:

    A relationship between these two is plenty of fun. They both pride themselves on being independent-minded, so there will be lots of heated discussions on a whole variety of topics. To onlookers, it may seem that their relationship is emotionally lightweight, but a solid core of love and affection binds them together.

    **Saggitarius and Pisces**:

    This is a strange relationship. Things will go well if the Piscean is upbeat and positive but the Sagittarian will soon lose their patience if the Piscean is very moody and struggles to deal with the vagaries of life. The Sagittarian must curb their tendency to speak first and think later, otherwise they'll badly hurt the Piscean.

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