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Chris Squared (chris_squared) wrote,
@ 2004-03-17 08:28:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:All along the watch tower

    yeah, im slightly sick, slightly, i mean i cant breathe thru my nose most of the time, i have a nasty cough, and im on allegra, nyquil, benedryl to try to make it better....i like allegra the best. :) nyquil is also good....had some of that last, thats some good stuff. doesnt taste very good, but it really works. had dayquil after dinner yesterday. it said non-drowsy, and its DAYquil, so i took some. oh man, that was funny. i was out of it. im probly gonna get some really funny stories about it cause i only remember bits and pieces of last nite. then, at like 8 i got some nyquil and slept til 8am. 12 hours of sleep feels REALLY good wneh your sick. i didnt know that a person could have as much snot as i do...thats really nasty....i blow my nose and the empty spot where the snot was gets filled up almost instantly.
    time to get ready for english.....*sigh*

    Chris Mo. isgning off

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im bored...and ur cute
2004-04-22 17:02 (link)
hey love..havent seen u in a while. whats goin on morgs? i got bored..u sent this to me..i got REALLY im replying to one. case u havnt guessed...its me (yeah like thats gonna help u) anywhosies whats goin on moon doggie? im prob gonna forget the web i wont even get to see ur reply to this. isnt that some molarchy. rock on! blah blah n jebus!!! dam the man! whatever u wanna say lol. anywho...farewell...i must be off to fight the dragon. pesky little crack head dragon. think they own the world what with their fire...breating...ness...and...big...claws.......hmmmm.......hey morg u wanna come?...always could use a decoy ey? muahahaha lol nono its all good. ill give u a knife..ill take the sword and shielf...and if u survive longer then 3 days..ill give u an uzi. how bout it? lets ridee

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Re: im bored...and ur cute
2004-04-23 00:59 (link)
thanks for the love plumley. yeah, im up for the dragon hunt. can i use nukes too? big ones....REALLY big ones. were talkin like crack the earth in half big. and cheese. lots of cheese. mmmmmm.....cheese.....i like cheese and crackers. if i had cheese, id be eating it on crackers now. man, im hungry...havent eaten in like 5 hours....even then, half of the food got thrown....that was fun....i found out that fish eat corn and cantelope....those fish rock! being a fish would be cool...all you do is swim and eat and reproduce.....but then you get flushed when you take a nap....i like naps....i dont wanna get flushed....maybe being a fish is a bad what were you talking about?

Chris Mo.

Chris Plumley is my hero!

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