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chris brown (chris9876566) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 15:50:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:yellowcard - rocket

    now that the chaos is basically over and i have a chance to sit and think, i will.

    the fire was scary. thank god it stopped before it got to cottonwood. first of all viejas. my god, what were they thinking. the fire was seriously less than two miles away from the casino and they didnt evacutate the casino. the outlet mall evacuated. i swear, just to make a buck. so valet had to move all the cars up to the front and then most of the valet staff was sent off. finally at 330 i got to go home. i had to go down dehesa, which was basically closed, but not formally closed. going down dehesa was so scary. there was fire up on the ridges and it looked unforgiving. it was simply amazing. and my god it was close to cottonwood.

    finally got home, and the next morning at 830 we got the mandatory evacuation notice. i was sleeping. but man did i wake up fast. luckily the fire was stopped.

    so many houses were burned. i saw the homes on harbison, it looked like a war zone. unbelievable.

    thats it for now. i hope all of u are doing well. bye.

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