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C-Money (chicatorpedo) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 18:14:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Into the Dark~ Julianna Theory

    fuckin emo fags!
    So! I fucking hate emo fags! They piss me off so much! Here's an idea...NO ONE CARES ABOUT UR STUPID PROBLEMS! SO DIE! DIE! DIE! U want to be sad do it on ur own time but dont create drama because u cant deal w/ ur problems. EVERYONE gets dumped, gets screwed over, gets rejected, does badly on a test, etc. And they seem to be doin just fine~ so why the hell is it so hard for u? Because ur depressed? NO! Ur not! Depression is a psychologiacal thing~ u can get over it ~I'm supposed to be super depressed~ genetically~accordin to mah doctor~ but I'm FINE! So everyone just get over ur sad miserable problems! I dont care! Dont tell me about them! BAHHHHH!!!!!! And u know what else pisses me off??????? DRAMA! Why does everyone feel a need to cause it~ KEEP IT TO UR DAMN SELVES! Because u tell everyone about ur own problems and cant figure out why everyone cant mind there own buisness....hmmm.....wonder why????? I fucking hate drama~ it makes me so so so so so so mad! "OMG! Did u hear about...." I DONT CARE!!!!! On a happier note~ happy easter bitches!

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2004-04-14 23:07 (link)
so i must say first of all..your entry is posted like A BAZILLON TIMES! anyways! we already discussed this one didnt we? i ove you! i agree with you! ITS ALL lamE AND PEOPLE NEEDS TO CHILL THE F-bomb out! wow ive never used that before F-bomb..HAHA! but they with it or just kill yourself and save us the trouble of listenign to you (i dont really like to pormote that but seriously people) CASSI DARLING YOU CAN CALL ME ANY TIME AND WE CAN...*kick it*

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