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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 18:33:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Early November|Everything's Too Cold But You're So Hot

    Let's just say this always happens...
    i got a card today from my aunt vikki down in florida and along with it she sent pictures of me and my family at her parents house in cape cod. needless to say i hated the way i looked. i skimmed thru them a few times and realized "wow michele, what the hell have you done to yourself? you really need to go on a diet." so its offical, im on a diet, on my own will and power, which rarely happens. so yeah if you see my eyes sticking out of my sockets like they did in eighth grade, don't worry, im just not eating again. dont be alarmed... trust me.

    well my lesson got canceled tonite b/c she's very sick.

    i get to go to New York on Sunday to watch the Rockettes and then do some after-Christmas shopping, so thats when i think ill get every one what they want lol.

    o man do i greatly dislike my mom. she flips out on whatever i say. i said Oh my God today and she flipped to high hell. and she wonders why i dont talk/confide in her. she makes things so big from something so small... i think thats where i get it, but at least i can recognize whats a big deal or not big at all. but then again i feel kinda sympathetic b/c her and my dad arent getting along at all he's out every nite and we have no idea where he goes... and its like he speaks in code to his friends... he doesnt drink or ne thing but yet his friends ask him if they want to go to a "bar"...

    speaking of which... he wants to take me and meg Christmas shopping for MD and i guess i have no choice but to go...

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2003-12-22 21:47 (link)
ok first of all Y O U A R E N O T F A T !!!!!! and if you were then i must be shamu!!! but since your not im just free willy ahaha....second of all if you stop eating i will shove chocolate cake and ect down your throat...not eating doenst help at all in losing weight just end up gorging in the end...i love you so much michele and i dont want you to hurt yourself which is what you'll be doing if you stop eating...your perfect the way you are hun and idk what is making you think differently...everyone has body imagine issues(trust me i have alot lol) but you shouldnt stop eating for me hunni...any serious lol i love you!! please dont do anything like that hun please

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