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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 19:49:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    looong week
    well lets see... i called paul last night from panorama on jess's phone and i told him if he got bored he could go over ashleys and i hung up and jess took the liberty and called paul back and started talking to him and it kinda made me mad b/c i told her not to b/c it sounded like he was having fun yet she did ne way. i felt really bad for paul... idk y but i did and if you're reading this im really sorry about it...

    the house is basically done... the floor is finished and all we have to do now is stain and cut the doors and paint the walls and its done completely

    i cant really wirte ne thing b.c my mind is full of stuff... like how terrible i feel about calling apul last night... it makes me so depressed...

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2003-11-16 20:12 (link)
no offence but that kinda annoys me that your gonna go and say that...jess was just trying to have fun and if someone takes it a differnet way thats not her fault she wasnt trying to make you look done nor did she make you look dumb and like i said she was just trying to have fun...i tried telling you last night that you have nothing to feel bad about but i guess you just dont wanna listen to me so dont

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2003-11-16 21:43 (link)
look im sorry but i feel what i feel and i didnt think that she was trying to make me look dumb or ne thing but like i said he sounded like he was having fun and i didnt think that he was gonna come... and the fact that she doesnt really know him... and plus caitlin didnt really want to talk to chris so im sorry if i am kinda pissed off... i am allowed to be... i did listen to you ash i did... but idk i just felt dumb ne ways b/c i knew that he was at his friends house and he prob didnt want me to call him in the first place so im sorry if youre mad at me

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2003-11-16 21:54 (link)
im not mad at you but your making it seem like jess called b/c she was being a bitch or something...she wanted to have fun...if paul is mad or something then thats just gay and i really doubt he thot of it as big as a deal as you do...your entitled to be mad but i think your making way too much out of not trying to start a fight or something but i dont think you should be all depressed over something thats not even a big deal seriously

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2003-11-17 15:54 (link)
yanno i dont care ne more... im sorry about the note... youre right i blew it way out of proportion... idk ash it just runs in my family that we get depressed kinda easily and stuff... i just wish you knew how hard it was on me... im sorry and ill never make a big deal about ne like this again...

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