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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 14:45:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Dropkick Murphys|Fields of Athenry

    yo mamas a ho....
    sup kiddos... update on the parents... dad hasnt left yet... its kinda makin me mad b/c he really needs to go. i think he just wants to finish the house b/c he fixed the sink in my bathroom and he bought me and meg new doors for our rooms today. hes not even looking for an apartment or anything and all the stuff he packed... he unpacked yesterday. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    anyways, the plab... wearing palstic wrap and clear shoes... haha ashley... we had an 80's falshback last night, listening to The Cars. lol that was great. one of the things ill never forget. we went over jess's house so we could meet her friend Ray and he never came. lol.

    im not feelin so totally great about myself lately. ive basically stopped eating and stuff. idk somethings weird im not sure what tho. its really starting to scare me.

    my mom was such a jew the other day... she wouldnt let me go to the show and i was so pissed. but then again ashley couldnt go either. so it was all good.

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