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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 19:42:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Roxi Monoxide|35 Cents

    BOO! o man, did i scare you?
    well the fights still going on between jess and liz and really, i think its hilarious. idk y it just is. ne ways... my mom talked to my dance teacher about another class (b/c i have nothing to do during the week) and she said that i could... a solo class... im so pumped! i havent done a solo since i was like 6.

    biology is so much fun. yesterday i was flinging a pen to try and make it get stick in the ceiling and some chick bitched at me. she was sayin if the pen hit her shed kick my ass. yeah right it wasnt even close to her. ppl need to stop worrying. if i did hit her, it wouldn't be by accident.

    idk y ppl are making such a big deal about me not trick-or-treating or anything like that b/c i have marching band. o well. get over it. i dont mind, so y do you? and im not dressing up b/c im not really excited about it. its not a huge thing ne more.

    so im going to new york like a week before christmas (now thats a holiday to look forward to) and its with dance and we're going to see the Rockettes. im so pumped. ive always wanted to be one. and then in Janurary im going on the ski trip w/ the youth group. its not like im going to ski or ne thing b/c i cant (my knee ppl lol) so me and ashley are prob. going to tube the whole time. and then in february or april im going to florida to see my family. we're gonna try and go in feb. b/c what if Mr. Macrina asks me to go? so we're gonna see about that. man, im going on a lot of vacations lol.

    im pumped... im goin to spooky world saturday night w/ my aunt and im gonna ask her to cut my hair... yes thats right... micheles not gonna have long hair ne more, its gonna be like to my shoulders or the nape of my neck. im kinda scared. it took a while for it to be as long as it is now, but i dont mind short hair works for me... or so everyone tells me. im just gonna trust them b/c they're that i trust lol. and im gonna put red in it again. it gonna be pimp. im gonna have a lot more than last time tho.

    jessicas really starting to scare me. she says that theres ppl in her head and i dont think thats normal. shes really starting to get weird

    haha someone took my social studies novel. idc ill just pay the 3 or 4 bucks myself. its just cracks me up to think that someone would take it. its the gayest book ive ever read. and the grossest.

    i took 2 tests today in the classest that im doing the worst in and i think i did awesome. i cant wait to see my scores.

    so Ian told me he likes me today but i already knew that. i kinda feel bad for him. but hey what can i say?

    someone said hi to me in the hall yesterday and i have no clue who it was but i think it was aimee. ive been thinkin about how we used to be friends and all that kinda stiff. she was always so cool. but idk what happened. i think it was high school. thats why life sucks. but what pisses me off is how she said that we'd always be friends and now she barely even says hi. but what can ya say? o and speaking of something weird, someone called me yesterday and he said his name was "Steve" but idk what steve. it sounded like steve conway, but why would he call me? weird...

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