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Michele (chica_bonita_94) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 20:26:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    i dont want to bury my son, i want my son to bury me.
    why am i such a screw up? huh? first, i ruin a friendship by telling justin that i dont like him like he wants me to and he takes it out all on me. then i ruin it with jessica too because, yes, i am a conceited, selfish bitch. and if you think otherwise, keep thinking b/c this is what i think i am... you have no fucking idea how much i want to die right now... all because of others people's feeling i hate this life...

    yanno, i cant stand how mr. burley can just sit there and watch us fail. he doesnt do anything to help us "you have the right to fail" yeah and you're the teacher, so help us so we wont fail. potential in kids is far more higher than what they think but we cant show them because of all this technology and our eyes either glued to the computer screen or the tv. we're just being washed away...

    i tried to make myself feel better today by going to the gym, and it worked... until i remembered i left a comment in jessica's journal and she responded and it made me feel like shit. im starting to think that im not worth anyone's time and that i have no reason to be here and im just taking up precious space.

    i j u s t w a n t t o c u r l u p a n d d i e

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2003-10-25 16:01 (link)
i love you too ashley!!!

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Its stacey
2003-10-25 16:13 (link)
I agree i can't stand mr. burley's way of things eitha. c'mon he says we have the right to fail. isn't it his job to prevent that from happening. wat an asshole. im sowwy uve been havin bad days [ i read ur other post] if u need sum 1 to talk to u know im hea for ya. and ur not a coneited selffish bitch i don't know how anybody could say that ur one of the nicests persons i know!! jsut don't listen to wat otha ppl say bout ya they're prob just jealous lol!!! but i g2g luv ya bff!!!!

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