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Chibiange (chibiange) wrote,
@ 2004-08-03 01:03:00
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    Current mood: satisfied

    Another evil plot bunny bites the dust
    Here's another Luna-spawned plot bunnies. ::mock-glares at her:: Except this smut bunny decided to get angsty on me. ><

    The things I do for smut.

    Warnings: It was 1 AM when I finished, and I'm too tired to properly beta this right now. I think I caught the glaringly obvious errors while I was typing anyway. This is yaoi smut, a.k.a. NC-17 for sex between two of my male characters. And, this is from the Muse RPG, and follows Luna's fic Secret. Speaking of, two paragraphs (minus a verb tense) are hers.

    Ihsan shut himself in his room after practically running from Seto's back to Miss Chibiange's, the events from the garden racing through his mind.

    Katsuya, his head thrown back, panting and mewling, his hands running over the CEO's back and through his hair....

    Seto burying his his head into his lover's shoulder as the blonde stroked the CEO's hair.....

    Thinking back on the tenderness and sensuality enticed him. And, just his luck, Rekem wasn't expected until Friday afternoon...two very long days away. That didn't help his problem now, though.

    Flopping onto his bed, he moaned. Sometimes he hated being 21...since his body decided it had a mind of its own and wasn't going to let Ihsan ignore its needs. That was fine for some things, like sleep, but it did get inconvenient when Rekem wasn't around.

    *But then, Rek wouldn't know if I don't tell him....* Very rarely did Ihsan indulge his body; usually, he funneled whatever arousal caught him and channeled it into studying. However, now that he had Rekem in his life, his body must have realized what it was missing. *Why did I have to be noble and reduce Kyn-sadik's workload again? I'd only wait hours instead of days for Rekem. Oh...right....didn't want to bother her....*

    The phone ringing broke his concentration. "H-hello?" he nervously answered, unconsciously afraid that the other person would be able to tell he was thinking about....

    //Ihs! What's up?//

    *Me.* Ihsan gave a small sigh of relief, though; at least he didn't have to worry about a complete stranger finding out about his...current condition. "Not much. I stopped by Seto's for a minute, but they were...busy," he said offhandedly; he mentally cursed his fumbling over what he'd seen. *Oh man....* His arousal twitched as he remembered what he'd seen Jou and Seto doing.

    On the other end, Rekem smirked. //Maybe you can hang out with them tomorrow tonight or something.// His voice softened. //I miss you.....//

    "Me too," Ihsan whispered. Allah, it was only their second week apart--the first full week--and the distance was already threatening to overwhelm him.

    //So, Jou's busy, eh? Are you lonely? Do you....wait, busy as in busy or busy?//

    Ihsan blushed, even though Rekem couldn't see it. "N-not sure. I didn't really talk to him." He hoped his embarrassment wasn't too obvious over the phone because he didn't think he would live it down.

    Snickers echoed over the phone. //So they were busy, huh? Did you see some skin?// Rekem asked; he could almost see the blush on the Healer's cheeks. //Did you want to join them?//

    "No," the Healer said, perhaps a little too quickly. "But...."


    Sighing, Ihsan cuddled the teddy bear Rekem had given him over the weekend. "Never mind. I'm just missing you." The words sounded hollow to his ears.

    Rekem frowned, not liking where the conversation was turning. //Ihs, I wouldn't be mad at you for thinking they're hot. Hell, I wouldn't mind being in a threesome...or more...with them.// A wicked idea popped into his head; too bad they didn't have webcameras....or Ihsan had any private internet access, but a phone would work just as well. //I take it you're still horny from seeing them, huh?//

    Again, Ihsan blushed. "Rek.....I......"

    //It's okay, Ihs. 'Sides, I have an idea.//

    The Healer was almost afraid to ask, but.... "What kind of idea?" Though he was reluctant, the warm feeling in his stomach told him that he wouldn't mind this idea at all.

    The future CEO grinned, again wishing they had a better way to communicate. //Are you alone?//


    //Door locked?//

    Ihsan felt a bit confused at that point, but answered with 'not yet'. However, he did lock the door when Rekem pointed out he might not want Zi snooping in a bit.

    Now, for the clencher. //Naked?// Rekem asked, already slipping quietly out of his own clothes.

    "N-not yet...." The warmth in his stomach seemed to attract butterflies, as Ihsan's stomach leapt at the thought.

    //When you put the phone down, I want you to take off your clothes, imagining that I'm there nibbling on your ear as you do that.//

    A bit reluctantly, Ihsan obeyed, the thought of Rekem nibbling weakening his knees as he undressed. He picked the phone back up when he was finished. "Rek," the Healer whispered as he wished they weren't separated by a thousand miles.

    Hearing the nickname brought Rekem out of his planning; he knew he had to tred carefully for this to work. //Grab the lube I put in the drawer,// he quietly ordered. He knew when Ihsan was ready when he faintly heard the drawer shut, since he remembered the drawer was rather stubborn when you close it. //Now, just listen to my voice. Let your hands move on their own, baby; don't try to control what you're feeling. What were Jou and Seto doing when you saw them?//

    "T-they were hidden in the garden, with only their pants on." Slowly, Ihsan's words became bolder, less stuttered.

    //A garden, eh? Put yourself in Jou's place, and me in Seto's. Tell me what you feel.// His hand itched to do something, but he held off until he was sure Ihsan was more comfortable.

    Ihsan closed his eyes, figuring that would be the easiest way to follow his lover's suggestion. "I feel the grass on my back, and it tickles a bit.... Is that what you wanted?" he asked, a bit insecure.

    //That's good enough for now, babe,// Rekem answered, fighting off the urge to screw school and go comfort his boyfriend in person. //Now, close your eyes and pretend I'm there leaning over you, and I'm playing with your nipples. They're getting hard from my touch....//

    "Mmmmmm, Rek......" Ihsan moaned; the words, paired with his imagination, were almost enough to drive him crazy, and Rekem had done nothing beyond a mere touch. He almost didn't hear the other's next words. "I don't know how much I can take."

    Smirking, Rekem silently agreed with his lover. //Then I take your cock in my hands and play with the head. You don't wanna wait, and I press my hard cock against your leg to show I don't want to either. I stroke it once before I deepthroat you suddenly.// He bit back his moans for the moment so not to scare Ihsan.

    Ihsan cupped his own erection, guiding his hands to follow Rekem's words. "Allah....."

    For the next few minutes, the Healer lost himself--and his inhibitions--in Rekem's words, which drew his body closer to the passion he saw earlier between Jou and Seto. The same passion he wanted to share with Rekem. "R-rek....I can't....."

    In Boston, Rekem wasn't doing much better. He had pulled out a vibrator and was now thrusting it in and out of his ass. //Yes, baby...let go...let everything go....// he whispered, his climax hitting him as he moaned.

    "Rekem!!" When he heard those whispered words, his world flashed white briefly. It wasn't the same as when he and Rekem were actually together, but Allah, it was close. Ihsan's shivers slowed, along with his breathing.

    //Ihs?// Rekem finally managed a couple of minutes later, sounding almost worried.

    The Healer slowly opened his eyes. "I'm fine...more than fine, actually." Shifting, he found a more comfortable position without getting the bed messed up.


    "Promise." Ihsan smiled when he imagined Rekem's face, both worried and loving, looking down at him. Unfortunately, reality decided to reappear. "You probably have to go, though," he said reluctantly; he didn't want to hang up, but he also didn't want to go through another four months of separation because Rekem failed a class. The next few weeks were going to be difficult enough.

    Just as reluctantly, Rekem answered, //Yeah.... But we can talk tomorrow....and I'll be back Friday.//

    Ihsan's heart leapt at the words--already, Rekem was thinking of this place as home. "I love you. I miss you." He hoped his voice didn't sound too cracked.

    //Love you, too. I'll be there before you know it.// Rekem hung up quickly, since it was too tempting to ignore everything else in favor of Ihsan. Quickly and quietly, he cleaned up and pulled out his books to study before his roommate returned.

    Ihsan, too, quickly cleaned up, then returned to the bed. Curling under the covers with the bear in hand, he hoped he could get some sembalance of sleep without Rekem's arms wrapped around him.


    "Five bucks."

    "Ten." Zi and Chibiange shook hands.

    "What are you two doing?" Melahel asked when he walked into the room.

    Zi grinned. "I bet Chibs that Ihsan just had cyber-sex, but she thinks he had phone sex." The redhead nodded in agreement. "Too bad he hasn't come down so we can settle the bet."

    Melahel just walked back out of the room, muttering the entire time, "I do not want to know. I really do not want to know......"


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2004-08-04 00:42 (link)
As yummy as the smut was, my favorite part is the exchange between you and Zi at the end. ^__^

- Stormy

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2004-08-04 22:06 (link)
That was definitely my favorite part to write. ^^

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