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Chibiange (chibiange) wrote,
@ 2004-06-24 20:48:00
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    Current mood: hopeful

    It's short, but sweet and WAFFy; also, it's a sequel to "Wishing", which was posted earlier on this journal.

    Lyrics from Brian White's "God Gave Me You."

    God gave me you to show me what's real,
    There's more to life than just how I feel.
    And all that I'm worth is right before my eyes
    And all that I live for, though I didn't know why.
    Now I do, 'cause God gave me you.

    Relaxing on the hotel-provided hammock was the best way to end a long hectic day, especially when that day was spent keeping a certain blond "bride" calm before the wedding. Rekem ran his fingers through his lover's hair and felt Ihsan relax further in his arms. Apparently, keeping Jou from getting sick before the wedding was harder than the Healer had let on. He looked up at the stars, for once glad of the isolation--this coming from a self-confirmed city boy. It was time. "Ihs...."


    They shared a laugh. "You first," Ihsan smiled, enjoying the peaceful night too much to mar it with even one of their mock-fights.

    Rekem shifted, the hammock making it difficult for him to pull the small velvet box out of his pocket. "I know tradition says I get on my knees, but I'm too lazy at the moment." He smiled as Ihsan shot him a curious look before opening the small box.

    At the first glimpse, Ihsan laughed; he laughed harder when he saw Rekem's face. He reached into his own pocket and pulled out a similar box. "It seems we've shared intentions as well as thoughts."

    "Ihs...?" He opened the box and smiled. "It seems we did," he chuckled, then grinned. "Want to make it official?"

    Ihsan answered Rekem with a kiss, one which they broke off after several seconds, gasping. "Does that answer your question?" he asked after he caught his breath.

    Silently, Rekem took the ring Ihsan gave him and slipped it on his own finger; he then took his own ring and slipped it on Ihsan's finger. "Yeah."

    The fell silent then, watching the stars and fingering their new rings. Neither realized the grins that seemed stuck on their faces. And, as they slipped into sleep, they dreamt of the future.


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2004-06-25 00:42 (link)
woo hoo another wedding!!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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2004-06-25 00:52 (link)
Not for a while. ^^ But they're officially engaged now (which should make Rekem's family happy).

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2004-06-25 12:30 (link)
I agree with Kitty! Woohoo! Even if it isn't for a while!! ^^


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2004-06-25 12:52 (link)
Hehehehe Glad ya'll like.

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