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MaLi (chevellerocker0) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 16:44:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Montel

    This day was long...but loving
    Devin...I feel so.... loved...This day was so long...I could not stop thinking about Devin...he was on my mind all day long. This might actually be a good thing because I was really quiet and didn't get into any trouble today. (wow) I actually concentrated on my school was like I didn't want to associate with anyone else. I just can't stop thinking about Devin. Last night on the phone...I didn't get to say everything that I wanted to say. I was so worried that my mom was listening. And Devin if you're reading this...I didn't tell you everything that I wanted to say. But I will tell you.
    OK this pisses me off. Today I came home and my Mom had promised me on Wednesday that I would be able to go to the mall on Friday to get my new shoes but of course she didn't keep her promise. I am not surprised...but still it pisses me off. That's what's so awesome about my Dad...he always holds his word ; if he thinks that he's not going to be able to then he won't promise it. I love my dad so much and I love my Mom to but she needs to work on that. People who are reading this...If you are little confused about the DAD thing just don't worry'll find out the situation sooner or later. Well anyways...about school today. Picture day sucked. I mean it really sucked. Do you remember my hair? How it was in all those layers? well when I got it cut...she added more layers which is okay, but she cut a little shorter than I wanted it. and it is the layers aren't curling. I can't stand it. But it should be fixable in like a week or two. I'll survive
    Much Love

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2003-10-21 13:30 (link)
What is your mother and father really like? Mine suck! You are really into the Devin thing huh? Are you really a nerd Mali? By the way, don't you think its a bit dangerous to give out so much of your personal info on the net?

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2003-10-21 16:37 (link)
Well someone...I don't really feel that I'm giving out that much information. I've only said my school's initials. My parents are...well it's a little hard to explain. I would have to know you before I could tell you. Another thing...Devin is a really cool person and I love em to death!!! we have a lot in common and he's very cool. so whoever you are thanks for commenting.

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I know that it is you Aunt!!!!
2003-10-21 16:45 (link)
Cee Cee thanks for looking out for me. I really aprreciate it. But ummm you didn;t hide your self verywell. And if you could please don't tell my annyoning mother. U r such a geek!!!! lol
much love

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