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Kenny (chesney) wrote,
@ 2003-04-25 10:35:00
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    I have been getting a lot of strange calls lately. First one from Faith the other night telling me she is sick of being pregnant and wants Bryce (the name she has picked for the baby out NOW) and is trying to bribe him out *laughs* Oh boy. I'm going to go visit Faith, Tim, and the girls very soon, just not saying when *grins* It seems Audrey is driving Faith crazy and keeps calling for me *smiles* so I'm going on a trip to see her.

    Then I got a call from Jo Dee the other night and right in the middle of our conversation, her phone died so she called me back last night and we finished the previous conversation. I don't know if Jo Dee wants anybody to know what it is about, but I will say, it was something I didn't expect. Surprise there, hmm?

    Well I guess I had better get going. Got a day full of plans ahead that I have to get started on. Should be fun, oh yes.

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2003-04-25 11:22 (link)
tell me what Jo Dee said .. Tell me, tell me.

And hwo did you find out about the name Bryce??*tilts head* I haven't told like anyone about that name besides Jo Dee and Gaye. I was testing the name out on them.

You better hurry up and get here. You need to *smiles* You;d liek it here alot*nods* yep yep yep.

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