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cherrypopfizz (cherrypopfizz) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 17:14:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:"I'm With You"-Avril Lavigne

    I saw LOTR today...I'm still in shock. Such amazing brilliance has never yet come to a cinema till this--you'll all agree after seeing it, don't worry. Orlando Bloom rocks my socks (Legolas = hotness, and some of the hobbits weren't looking to bad either! PIPPIN CAN SING!)::wipes off drool::'s been strange....Rainy, but the glow of the christmas decorations was still comforting....I drew awesome pictures in my sketchbook today, it made me proud. It's nice to be good at stuff....Ugh! Earlier Donnie called and said I needed $95, a tennis racket and a physical before Tuesday when we have a tennis clinic from 7-10pm. Great. No pressure. ::shakes head:: My brother's not home, which is kinda nice. He's at the Brabham's for Tyler's birthday party--we saw them at the theatre anyway. I didn't have enough $ for popcorn to throw at Matt, but hey, there'll be other opportunities. Leave a comment, for God's sake, people!!!!

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2003-12-21 09:53 (link)
I aven't been able to see that movie yet. And I probably won't get to see it this week at all! Well, I'll probably go with JP and Stephanie when they set a day up. Which is always fun! Hey, do you know what time we're sposed to meet for the Christmas party???? I don't think I was listening when Cassie told us....Is there gonna be youth tonight?????? Anyhoo, I think I should get going now, I'll see you at church!!

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Re: man........
2003-12-21 16:53 (link)
Nah, no youth group tonite-just the service at 7. Tomorrow we meet at the church at 3--see you there! <3 Lizzie

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